It was a busy weekend in Leafland, between the draft, the Patrick Marleau trade, and the done-but-not-yet-official Kasperi Kapanen and Andreas Johnsson extensions. And Kyle’s work isn’t done yet by any stretch: he’s rumoured to be working the phones trying to add a defenceman, and his fraught negotiations with Mitch Marner are ongoing. Exciting times.

Kyle had another thing to attend to yesterday, though—the Toronto Pride Parade, accompanied by Morgan Rielly. Mo for Captain, if you ask me. Now, without further ado, I will hand the mic over to Annie for this next section.

The combination of rainbows and fashion (and rainbow fashion) has brought me (Annie) out of my temporary fashion post hiatus, because if there’s one thing that will get me to abandon a summer of gin and tonics and watching my baseball team lose, it was this photograph right here.

Kyle gets a lot of points for the color of his shorts—they pick up the small amount of red that’s visible in the rainbow Maple Leaf logo, plus, that shade of reddish pink just feels very summery! Morgan’s light blue shorts are not what I, personally, would have chosen to go with a black T-shirt with a saturated rainbow logo, but he completely made up for it with his shoes.

Usually, when I attend Pride, I take fitting as many rainbows as possible on my body at one time as a personal challenge, and I’m thrilled to see Morgan Rielly picking up that standard. (The shoes, apparently, were a gift from a sponsor, and he intends to keep wearing them after Pride, because he is a man of discerning taste). The rainbow on the shoes is every bit as saturated as the one on his shirt, which keeps them coordinating as opposed to clashing. Matching rainbows is not necessarily as foolproof as it sounds! I do wish that the Leafs had gone with a different gradient for the T-shirts; it doesn’t show the full color spectrum very well and basically completely cuts off red and violet, and I think that the more classically Pride-flag-style rainbow logo they used as their Twitter icon is generally more attractive and more deliberate about what it’s trying to do. That’s a minor critique, all told.

Also: cool sunglasses, Mo. Happy Pride.


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Have a good Monday out there, y’all.