The Expansion Draft protection lists are now final and locked in. We now we await the Kraken to be released upon the NHL and watch them take one player from every team with their monstrous... tentacles? Claws? Hands? What kind of appendages does a sea monster have?

For the Maple Leafs, our official guess is they take Alex Kerfoot, but some of you think it will be Travis Dermott or the newly acquired Jared McCann. If you want the full list of protected and available players to look at and play Kraken Master for yourself, we have it available here.

Maple Leafs Protection Lists for 2021 Seattle Expansion Draft
Why is everyone still saying the Kraken will take Kerfoot?

The Kraken’s selections will be announced on Wednesday morning, so that means you will be waiting on the edge of our seat until then and there will likely be little or no news around the league at all. I pity whomever signed up to write tomorrow’s FTB. In the meantime, you can listen to Arvind and Fulemin’s podcast covering the expansion draft, and the other recent moves around the league, including their take on the Ottawa Senators hiring Pierre McGuire.

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New Assistant Coaches

The Leafs were also busy this weekend with some movement in the coaching ranks. They filed out the Maple Leafs staff by hiring Spencer Carbery from the Hershey Bears where was AHL Coach of the Year.

Maple Leafs hire Spencer Carbery as Assistant Coach

They also added to the Marlies coaching staff by hiring John Snowden. He has been connected to the Marlies for several years through their ECHL affiliates, most recently as head coach for the Newfoundland Growlers, and before that as an assistant coach for the Orlando Solar Bears, a job he started in 2015, the summer after Kyle Dubas was hired by the Leafs and was in charge of the Marlies and the development staff there. Snowden replaces Rob Davison whose contract was over.

One final Leafs news note is about their newest acquired player, Jared McCann. Did you know that he comes with a bonus dog? Meet Cheddar McCann, a corgi!

You can follow Cheddar on Instagram here.

Other Expansion Draft News

First, of course you take a deep dive on Carey Price, even if you’re pretty sure he’s a pass at 34 years old and on a contract that runs through June 30, 2026, and with all the other goalies available, you don’t simply dismiss it. Second, you can stretch your imagination just far enough to think its possible for the Kraken to take Price. One thing they would consider is how far we are now into the stable salary cap period, and maybe if you think the worst of it has already passed, and you expect after these next two seasons the salary cap starts to rise again, especially if there’s steady price inflation (which already happening) on which teams can start to naturally raise ticket prices a few percent per season, then it looks like a much easier contract for the Kraken to swallow.

Price also has a “hometown boy” angle, even though Anahim Lake is only sort of close—Google tells me it’s a 12 hour drive—though here in Toronto the real estate marketing people would say that qualifies as “steps away.”

On the other hand, Carey Price may be literally broken and need major surgery.

Report: Carey Price dealing with knee injury, may miss start of season - Eyes On The Prize
Price is dealing with a serious knee injury that could require several months to heal, likely carrying into the start of the 2021-22 season.

Other News

Nick Foligno, considered “strong possibility” to sign with Wild - Hockey Wilderness
The Maple Leafs winger may use free agency to sign a short-term deal and reunite with brother, Marcus Foligno on the Minnesota Wild.

Hockey Night in Canada theme song composer Dolores Claman dead at 94 - CBC
Claman was pleased with the song, but the attention it got seemed to surprise her.

Which player will the Kraken take from the Leafs?

Alex Kerfoot342
Travis Dermott99
Someone else146