Maple Leafs (9-6-4) @ Islanders (12-3-1) 7:00 p.m.
Watch on: Sportsnet, MSG+
Opponent’s site: Lighthouse Hockey

Here’s our preview of tonight’s Zach Hyman return game.

Preview: roster changes ahead of a date on the Island

Zach Hyman is back:

He’ll make Tavares great again.11
He’ll score the game winning goal.2
He’ll punish the Islanders defenders along the boards.3
He’s Zach Hyman. He’ll do all of that and more! (I am Fulemin).29

TAVARES: The Islanders are closing in on us! Whatever should I do without Mitch to help me?
VOICE: Never fear, Big John.
TAVARES: Who said that?!
[cue music as Hyman descends on a rope from the top of the arena]

HYMAN: It’s me, Zach Hyman, the greatest linemate the world of hockey has ever known!
TAVARES: I can feel my xG returning already!