Maple Leafs (1-1-0) @ Senators (1-0-0)
Game #3
7:00 p.m. ET
Watch on: CBC Hockey Night in Canada, Sportsnet
Opponent’s site: Silver Seven Sens

Here is our previews of tonight’s game:

Game Preview: Maple Leafs pretend yesterday didn’t happen
Why We Hate The Toronto Maple Leafs

There are some roster changes late today:

It’s game two of the back-to-back against the Senators and, wow are we all ever cranky for a win against this notionally inferior team after last night’s debacle.

What will we be thinking tomorrow?

They won, barely, so I’m still concerned.38
They blew up the Senators, I knew everything was fine all along. LOLSNES!18
These f******* f******* can’t even beat the f******** Ottawa S*******. They’re ruining my life.33
They’ve tried everything else. It’s time for a big trade. A really big one.15
Fire everyone. 15