Toronto Maple Leafs @ Montreal Canadiens

Leafs Pre-Season Game #2 of 6
7:00 p.m. ET, Montreal
Watch on: TSN2 and TSN4
Opponent’s site: Eyes on the Prize

We’re back for the second game of the pre-season where a different handful of players you know are on the ice with a whole different set that you don’t. But the fun part is still that you get to draw sweeping conclusions about the game from very small samples!

Here’s our preview of tonight’s game:

Preseason Preview Game 2: Toronto at Montréal

Tonight’s roster includes Mitch Marner, who we assume is actually playing, unlike on Saturday where some major goof by the NHL had him on the ice with Auston Matthews even though both were watching the game from home.

Not on the Habs roster:


There’s more and worse goalie injuries than we were aware of.

Maple Leafs sign Evan Cormier to a PTO