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Another shitty day and I nearly had to ask someone else to take the recap but I got internet back during the anthems. However that means I’m even more scatterbrained than usual.

First period

Apparently Patrice Bergeron is out.

The Bruins start off in the Leafs zone and 28 seconds into the game the Leafs are down 1-0.

Oh this is going to be fun.

Next, icing.

Connor Brown sets up James van Riemsdyk but he’s still on the move and misses the net.

Lotta speed from the Leafs, not a lot of organization.

The Matthews line gets a bit of a cycle going in the Bruins zone but

Bruins icing and the Bozak line is back on trying to cause trouble.

Zdeno Chara tips the puck into the Bruins bench.

David Krejci pass goes awry and the Leafs get possession.

Patrick Marleau to Mitch Marner but the puck’s bouncing.

Frederik Andersen save on Riley Nash.

Ron Hainsey tries to hit Tomas Plekanec with a pass but ices the puck instead.

Marner steals the puck and heads in deep at high speed. He feeds Marleau who can’t beat Tuukka Rask.

Leafs disrupt the Bruins attempt to cycle but can’t keep it out long. Some chaos in front of Freddie, nobody able to take advantage.

Leafs still can’t clear. Bruins are being physical, Leafs aren’t answering the way they were last game.

1-1 Tomas Plekanec scores his first as a Maple Leaf. Playoff Turtleneck is fun.

Leafs come back in immediately. Bruins counter, Freddie leaves his net to play the puck because heart attacks are fun for me, really.

Kasperi Kapanen really cannot buy a goal.

Torey Krug shoots wide.

JvR springs Connor Brown but he’s driven wide.

Plekanec shoots in for Marleau. Nobody can stay at one end of the rink more than 10 seconds at a time, I swear.

Kapanen circles the net and feeds Roman Polak who fumbles it.

Tyler Bozak tries to centre the puck but the Bruins are there.

Charlie McAvoy and Zack Hyman are trying to paste each other into the boards.

Leafs get a few dramatic chances. Crowd loves it.

Bruins offside.

Puck is just flying everywhere. Stretch passes,

David Pastrnak gets in close and feeds another Bruin but they can’t finish.

Leafs send a few shots Rask’s way and then have to regroup.

Auston Matthews brings the puck in for William Nylander, Bruin.

Nylander has another chance but he’s hooked by Jake DeBrusk. No goal, but he draws the first penalty of the game.

Bozak tossed from the faceoff. Andreas Johnsson wins the faceoff, good rookie! Marner loses the puck and the Leafs spend too much time trying to get back in the correct zone. JvR now duelling with Chara at the front of the net.

Bruins clear the puck, Marleau brings it in for Matthews. Battle in the corner. Rick Nash sends the puck all the way back to Freddie.

Puck cleared again and the DeBrusk penalty expires.

Duelling zone entries. Pastrnak makes a backhand shot and Andersen has it no problem.

Leafs D get caught in the neutral zone but the lucky Bruins attacker fans on his shot.

JvR goes one on one with Kevan Miller, Rask stops the shot.

Last minute of the first.

Jake Gardiner passes to Nikita Zaitsev but can’t connect and icing again.

Riley Nash vs William Nylander, Nash wins the draw in the Leafs zone. Leafs get the puck to the neutral zone but not further.

Leafs outshooting the Bruins 12-7

I’m gonna go make lunch while racist uncle yells about things. Why couldn’t the first firing back in the 90s have stuck?

Second period

Oh man Rask went down playing the puck with Patrick Marleau right there and he couldn’t take advantage.

Matthews line take the puck in and are sent back out.

Bruins come in offside.

Rick Nash falls in a battle with Bozak

Polak shot is wide. Another one through traffic but Rask finds it.

Neutral zone faceoff controlled by the Leafs, but it seems like it’s only a few steps before there’s another faceoff.

Marleau battles it out with Adam McQuaid.

Krecji shot deflected wide.

Freddie makes a couple of quick saves and then everyone’s off for a change.

Bruins icing waved off and things turn into a track meet in both directions for a bit.

JvR misses, Bozak tries to retrieve.

Dominic Moore shoots and Rask has it (it looked like he might have come in offside anyway).

Nice glove save by Freddie through traffic.

Plekanec tossed so Marner takes the faceoff.

Marleau and Marner try to get something going but the Bruins are too close.

Plekanec shot goes wild.

Krug shot blocked.

Nylander brings the puck in. Boston ends up with it but they ice the puck.

Polak shoots high.

JvR centres for Brown who misses it. Rask saves a Polak shot.

Hyman sends the puck to the front of the net but it’s intercepted before Matthews gets it.

Debrusk heads the other way.

Rask grabs the puck.

Pastrnak and Rielly chase down a puck and Rielly keeps Pastrnak occupied enough to avoid danger.

Marner gets away and goes one on one with Rask, who stones him.

Close call for Bozak with a Leaf in front.

Rielly shot deflected wide.

Andersen save on Chara.

Things slow down for a moment.

Collision between Chara and Hyman leaves the Leafs coming in offside.

Johnsson shoots - the puck hits Rask and bounces up high. Rask loses track of it but it’s behind the net.

Rielly passes back but misses his man.

Leafs come back in. Creating pressure, although they’re low on shots. Gardiner loses the puck to Boston.

Andersen save on Chara and then the ref is whistling frantically as Chara gives Freddie a snow shower.

Chara and Hyman collide at the boards and the puck is stuck somewhere beneath Chara.

Polak loses the puck to Sean Kuraly.

Brad Marchand tries a fancy move to elude Morgan Rielly but his shot goes over the net.

Marner to Plekanec but the shot is blocked.

Riley Nash ices the puck.

Pastrnak gets a two on one with Marchand and Marchand sends it home. 2-1 Bruins.

Two minutes left in the period. Bruins pressing for more.

Bruins offside.

Bruins icing. Matthews thrown out so Nylander takes the faceoff.

Matthews shot knocked out of the air by Rask.

Krug and Rielly go at each other after the whistle. No call.

Marner shoots wide.

Marchand back but the Leafs are there. Still, doesn’t leave them enough time to mount a counter attack before the horn goes.

Shots 10-9 for the Leafs.

Third period

Marner seems personally insulted that he can’t get a stick on the puck. He wants it pretty badly.

Gardiner tries to keep the puck in but loses it and has to dash back.

Couple of Leafs chances but Rask turns them aside.

Play goes back and forth without much in the way of shots.

Gardiner shot is blocked by Tommy Wingels.

Pastrnak with Marchand again. Riley Nash comes in but Pastrnak pushes Rielly who knocks the net off.

Leafs have a couple of sequences of almost getting set up before losing the puck outside the Bruins zone.

3-1. Jake DeBrusk scores. The broadcast shows Lou. Someone’s gonna die.

Leafs seem to be hanging back a bit and now is not the time.

Rask save on Rielly.

Marchand and Pastrnak again, Hainsey gets in the way.

Andersen stops Rick Nash.

Kuraly shot stopped by Freddie.

Polak shot blocked.

Dermott keeps the puck in. Plekanec misses the net.

Rask save on Marner.

Leafs still outshooting the Bruins. We’re at the halfway mark of the period exactly.

Hainsey breaks his stick. Pastrnak chance.

Marchand shoots from centre.

Leafs offside, Connor Brown does some shoving.

Hyman - Matthews - Marner line now.

Bruins icing.

Puck bouncing, Leafs having trouble getting it settled.

Nylander with Kapanen and Johnsson.

Krejci goes sliding.

Bozak and van Riemsdyk get a good chance but Rask is there.

Gardiner sends a quick shot off, no dice.

Andersen save on Kuraly.

Gardiner just keeps the puck in with a flailing stick.

Krejci sees an opportunity but sends the puck high.

Under five minutes left and Boston’s still getting the puck too often.

Rask save on Brown.

Pastrnak gets the puck out and the Leafs have trouble getting through the neutral zone.

Marner shot is blocked. Bruins send the puck out.

Just under three left, Andersen is out for the extra attacker.

Rielly shot through traffic.

Rielly diverts an attempt at the empty net.

Gardiner stops a chance at the empty net.

Marner... empty net... you get the picture.

Matthews shot is blocked.

Bruins ice the puck.

Puck slips out of the Bruins zone and Leafs need to reset.

Pastrnak hits the post with just over a minute left.

Chara ices the puck. 40 seconds left.

Timeout Toronto.

Puck heads down to the Leafs zone.

Last stab, but it comes back out.

Leafs lose 3-1, down 3-1 in the series... Saturday’s do or die.