Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

Late last night I got a text from a source I have deep in the Leafs organization, they were demanding anonymity so I’ll refer to them as H. Jass. No, wait, that’s too obvious. We’ll call them Hugh J.

Hugh J. has access to the Leafs front office and they had to wake me up from my favourite activity - being dead to the world - and tell me about this deal that is being worked on night and day. Apparently the Edmonton Oilers have been big enough fuck ups that they’ve finally pushed their captain Connor McDavid to the point of demanding a trade. Now, I’ve covered this in detail a few weeks ago, but after McDavid’s most recent injury, his reluctance to trust anyone in Edmonton is further proof he wants out, and his rehab taking place in Toronto not only takes the quality of the work he’ll get here into account, but also it sets him up to start house shopping.

Hugh has seen the emails coming in back and forth between the two teams and Oilers GM Ken Holland has apparently told Leafs GM Kyle Dubas that “The entitled punk can go rot in Toronto for all I care, we have Leon Draisital picking up his slack.”

The Oilers are so desperate to rid themselves of a player who, in one Oilers staffers words “Is a giant bummer to have around, who spends all his time in the locker room reading Toronto Life magazine and watching Raptors highlights”, that they’re willing to retain 50% of McDavid’s cap hit to make the trade work.

Leaked emails show that the potential deal would be Cody Ceci, Andreas Johnsson, Martin Marincin, Justin Holl, Jeremy Bracco, and a 2020 7th in exchange for Connor McDavid with a 50% salary retention and a 2022 6th round pick to “make it even”.

My source Hugh J. says that “this may take until the last second of the deadline, but may also not go through because a lot of this is a work in progress with many balls in the air and lots of moving pieces”. There’s a chance things fall apart, but they could stay together, or the entire deal could shift into becoming Adam Larrson for Holl, Bracco, and a 3rd.

Now, the actual news:

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Enjoy your day folks!

When will McDavid become a Maple Leaf?

Monday afternoon.212
July 1st. A contract this big is a summer move.105
When his contract runs out, because he’s a good trustworthy, honest boy.216
Never! (I’m a delusional Oilers fan)428