Toronto Maple Leafs (23-10-4) @ Winnipeg Jets (23-12-2)

Leafs Game #37
8:00 p.m. ET, Toronto
Watch on: TSN4 east of Thunder Bay, TSN3 west of Thunder Bay (blackouts in effect)
Opponent’s site: Arctic Ice Hockey

The Leafs can take take a win out of Manitoba tonight and cement their status once again as first in the North Division. They’ve been first all along, but the grip on that position became rather tenuous in late March, sometimes getting down tie-breakers with one of the Jets or Oilers. A win tonight gives the Leafs a very comfortable lead in both points and points% above the Jets, one that can’t be eliminated without a losing streak of several games.

That kind of losing streak is, of course, still possible, but time is running out. Tonight is game 37, and when it’s over so will two-thirds of the Leafs regular season. Yes, that’s right, the playoffs are now only about one month plus one week away, though the perception of time in lockdown could mean that feels like only a few days, or forever. We’ll have to wait and see, but, the Leafs do have a jam packed April schedule including four more games against the Jets, all in the second half of this month.

Lineup Updates
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Let’s have a good Friday night, everyone.