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Rumour Mongers: Columbus wants the first overall draft pick

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Wow, who would have thought?

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

So we’re seeing reports today, at The Score, at the Columbus Dispatch, and all over twitter now, I assume at HockeyBuzz too but no chance I’ll ever link over there, that the Blue Jackets want to move up to the first overall pick.


It seems that EVERY team in the NHL wants to pick first overall.


Such daring feats of sleuthing must have been done to figure that one out.

So, what do the Blue Coats have to offer us? Ehhhhhhhh not much.

I mean, Matthews is a goddamn unicorn, so the price would be pretty high. We’d need the #3 overall pick to start. Seth Jones is a pending RFA, he’d have to come our way, but that means Columbus needs to take back a contract, so they can have Jonathan Bernier, whose cap hit should match Jones’.

#3 + Jones for #1 + Bernier. No, things aren’t even enough. I’d want the BJ’s second rounder as well, and some prospects maybe? But who?

Kerby Rychel? Sonny Milato? Zach Werenski? Jordan Maletta for sure because every team needs an IceDog.

We can speculate until the David Clarkson contract expires (2020!) but let’s be serious. No. There’s no way that the Maple Leafs would trade the 1st overall to Columbus.

We’re heading into two days of stupid trade proposals and "I"m hearing team wants the #1 pick".

There’s very few teams who could meet the asking price for 1OA, unless it’s Edmonton with McDavid on the line.

Just laugh at the rumours, and move on.