As part of the Maple Leafs Centennial Season, a committee has been formed to name the top 100 Maple Leafs in history.

29 people sit on the committee and Leafs fans now hold the 30th spots. Follow this link to select the Maple Leafs you want to see honoured by the team.

The votes are broken up by decade, so if you just want to focus on players you watched personally, you can.

The results of the votes will be revealed on October 15th, before the team's season opener.

Share your picks in the comments.

This vote is tied to a contest, so they ask for some info to submit your votes. Only those in the Leafs territory (80km radius from the ACC) can legally win, so those of you outside Canada will get rejected, which sucks.

The postal code for the Air Canada Centre is M5J 2L2 if you need a code to have your votes count. Get out there international Leafs fans, make your voices heard!