Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone. Instead of watching the Maple Leafs play tonight in their green St. Pat’s jerseys we’ll be at home drinking beer alone. But we can still all hang out here together!

There’s been a lot of love for Auston Matthews in our recent FTB’s. I say it’s time to talk about our favourite Swede on the team, William Nylander (yes, Hardev, we know for you it’s definitely Pierre Engvall)!

The obvious place to start talking about Willie is between the legs.

He also can play baseball.

He can deke out the best goalies in the league, like Jordan Binnington.

And he knows how to score against the Bruins.

Here’s some bonus vintage Nylander from MODO.

Have a beer for Willie and St. Patrick today!

Finally, our best wishes in these times go to the people who do the work to bring us hockey. There are reports a huge swath of people who work off screen behind the cameras or in remote copy editing offices have been laid off in the past few days with no work on the horizon.

Which is your favourite Willie moment?

Willie between the legs36
Baseball Willie7
Deke goal Willie3
Bruins destroyer Willie32
Vintage MODO Willie2
World Championship celly Willie18
I love all Willie.118