It’s time once again for you to vote! You get to rank your top 25 Maple Leafs prospects under 25, and as we reveal our list in the coming weeks, we’ll compare your votes to our official ranking.

This year, the survey site has moved well into the 21st century and should be visible for most users embedded below. If it’s not, use this link:

Take me to the Survey

This survey should work on most mobile devices as well. My advice is to start with your number one choice, select 1 in the dropdown, and you’ll see how the form rearranges your choices for you. The list is sorted by age, oldest to youngest, so don’t forget to scroll down to find the new guys. You don’t want to forget them.

It is set to only allow you to respond once, so make sure you’re done before you hit submit. Also, make sure you hit submit.  You’ll have to note or screenshot your own responses. The survey is set to close Friday of this week at 5 pm. Holler if you have any problems.