The biggest story in women’s hockey over the past two weeks was one that broke the same day we last published a Women’s Hockey Wednesday. (Goodness only knows what’ll happen today!)

A total of 43 players associated with the Swedish Women’s National Team (known colloquially as the Damkronorna or the “Women’s Crowns”), including all the players invited to the national team camp, issued a statement indicating that they would not be playing for the national team and that they would not attend the upcoming Five Nations tournament in Finland that kicked off this year’s European Hockey Tournament series.

The players indicated they had ten areas of concern that they wanted the Swedish ice hockey federation to address before they would consider playing for their country again.

That tournament has now come and gone (Finland won it quite handily) and Sweden did not attend. No meeting was organized between the players’ organization and the Swedish ice hockey federation until after the tournament was well underway.

For those of us who have followed women’s sports over the last few years, a lot of things seemed awfully familiar:

Players asking for basic respect, for reasonable travel arrangements, for appropriate equipment, for a bare a minimum of financial support.

A federation claiming that since they don’t pay either national team that clearly they were being fair to everyone, and pushing off their responsibilities on others - the hockey leagues, the Olympic federation, anyone else.

A men’s hockey league stepping in to offer financial support to the women’s national team.

This particular saga has its more interesting points:

The men’s hockey league, the SHL, wondering how the money they had provided for support last season had been spent, as it seemed like about half of the money earmarked for the women hadn’t been used at all.

The women’s team talking about being sent home from a tournament in Finland via a 10 hour ferry ride to Stockholm when a flight would have taken about an hour, and indicating that supplements provided for their use were often past their best before date.

The SHL has now entered into an agreement with the women’s league, the SDHL, to provide the national team players with repayment of lost earnings when they miss time while representing Sweden for the next few years. However, the story is not at an end. The players are looking for a contract with the Swedish ice hockey federation, an agreement of at least three years, rather than arms-length agreements for compensation through the leagues. There’s also not been any mention of the other points the players raised, including travel and equipment.

Team Sweden is next scheduled to play in the Four Nations Cup at the beginning of November. This year, Sweden is hosting the annual tournament between Canada, USA, Finland and Sweden. We’ll see how far the situation has progressed by then.

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