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Women’s Hockey Wednesday: Preparing the next generation

Finland dominates, the NWHL inches towards quorum and Sophie Shirley maintains her eligibility.

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Alexie Guay of the U-18 National Women’s Team
Alexie Guay of the U-18 National Women’s Team
Shanna Martin

Article of the Week

Sarah Vaillancourt and a trio of her players putting Stanstead College in the national spotlight - Eyes On The Prize

This in depth profile by Jared Book of Habs Eyes on the Prize on the three Team Canada U-18 players from Stanstead College and their coach, Olympic gold medalist Sarah Vaillancourt, gave us lots of food for thought this week.

“They know I'm right and they know because I do wear my gear with them on the ice. At least once a week I can show them what it takes to play at the next level and I teach them that on a daily basis.

Representation matters—this is a common theme around women’s hockey. It’s all well and good for coaches to be good at their jobs, and well-qualified, but especially when coaching younger players, it’s important for those coaches to be women. Vaillancourt can command respect not only because she was a successful player but because the game she played was the same game these girls are playing. She doesn’t have to adjust her thinking for different rules—she’s played by those rules.

It doesn't fit everybody and that's why there are so few Olympians. Or else everybody would become Olympians, right?

OK, this is what it takes. Do you still want to do that?’ And for some of them it's ‘yes’ and some of them it's ‘oh my God, no.

This is a valuable lesson for players to learn early. One point that came up near the beginning of the article is that the opportunity for Canadian players to train in Canada at an elite level pre-university is a fairly recent development. It's one that can only be to the players' advantage. Not only are they closer to their support systems and less likely to be dealing with some form of culture shock (including, for some Quebec players, a bit of a language barrier) but it gives them less of an external pressure to hang on too long when they could be refocusing on other goals.

In contrast, we've seen the stories of American players from non-traditional hockey markets like Makenna Newkirk (Arizona) and Brittany Bugalski (Florida) who moved thousands of miles at a young age in order to take their training to the next level. The larger financial risk makes trying and possibly failing both a barrier to entry and an additional source of stress should the investment not work out.

“I think sometimes we're more worried about looking selfish rather than being the one being ‘I am going to be the one scoring that goal,’” Vaillancourt said. “It's definitely a trend in female hockey. But we try to change that here and I try to change how the girls think overall.

Hockey has a problem with public displays of confidence that verges on silliness (Connor McDavid comparing himself to Tyler Bozak, anyone?), but in women’s hockey, it’s compounded by gendered expectations that girls always stay sweet, humble, and unselfish. Teaching teenage girls with exceptional skill that they’re allowed to embrace and take pride in it is important, and it needs to be actively taught, not passively assumed that they’ll figure it out. The importance of having a coach at this stage of their development who understands this cannot be overstated.

‘Alexie, you've done everything you needed to do today, you just didn't score. That doesn't necessarily mean you didn't play a good game.’

Conversely this is also so important. Finding a balance between encouraging players to do more and helping them understand they can’t do everything is vital, again, especially for younger players.

One comment I heard about this article was that Vaillancourt comes off as intense, maybe too intense. Personally she reminded me of this clip from Fame:

Still, from both her own comments and those of her players, it becomes clear that her intensity is focused by some clear positive values, many of which are extremely valuable for players to learn at the young age that they come under her tutelage.


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