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GDT: Maple Leafs look to ruin the Stars’ big night

It’s a night of milestones for Dallas players, and the Leafs can ruin the party if they play this right.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Dallas Stars Photo by Glenn James/NHLI via Getty Images

As Species told you in the preview...

Tyler Seguin is looking to bust a slump. I say: Let him keep his slump for another game!

Also tonight, Jason Robertson is making his NHL debut. There is no reason that can’t be horrible. Sure his parents might be here, and they will one day (soon) come back to watch Nick Robertson’s debut, which will be wonderful. Tonight they can go home unhappy.

Frederik Andersen is in net tonight, and his oldest and bestest pal in the NHL is local guy Andrew Coligano, who is playing in his 1,000th NHL game with all his family here to watch.

When Andersen was traded to the Leafs, Cogliano told a very charming story about the big Danish dent in his sofa from Andersen hanging out at his house so much. It was heartwarming, and I’ve always liked Cogliano a little since then. Let’s ruin his night. Blanks all the way across on the box cars for Andrew.

Roman Polak, our most beloved scapegoat defenceman, is playing in his 800th NHL game tonight. I think we all know what we want to do. You’ve got it, Leafs, ruin his night. Every time he goes to hit someone, the Leafs player should just sidestep it and leave him hanging.

Jamie Benn, it seems, is one goal from 300 on his career. I say we should not stoop so low as to allow him to get any of that. Ruin his night.

One other point to consider, is that the Stars are currently at 69 points, and it just wouldn’t be.......




polite to let them have another.

Come on, Leafs! Ruin their night!