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First Stop: Local Domination

Phew. That was a scary time in the trunk of PPP Amalgamated Heavy Industries' company car. Thank God Mattblack keeps vegemite in the trunk (or as he calls it 'the boot') or I would have starved to death. I finally managed to escape from the Pinto's trunk after Wendel Bark

Will Any Maple Leafs Defencemen Be Heading To Vancouver?

The other day we looked at Canada's defence to try to figure out who would be sporting the Maple Leaf in Vancouver. But what about the Leafs' defenders? Should any of them start booking their flights to the West Coast? The snap reaction will be to look at the Leafs'

The Slipper Fits! Queen's Golden Gaels 33 v. Laval Rouge et Or 30

TRIPLE P HERE WITH EXCITING NEWS! MY ALMA MATER IS HEADED TO THE VANIER CUP! Even as the doom and gloom of the 2009-2010 Toronto Maple Leafs' season has been threatening to overwhelm all and sundry and Liverpool's title challenge is postponed for more year a third team of mine

Maple Leafs 2 at Blackhawks 3: Kessel is Good

Let's get this out of the way: Vesa Toskala played great last night. He had a .912 sv% including 8 stops on 9 shots when down a man to mark his first good game of the season. The one goal on the penalty kill came because Exelby got caught in

There Was Something I Was Supposed To Do....

Editor's Note: In the grand tradition of every computer but my laptop being an absolute MFer I have appropriated this dormant account forever. Thanks buddy! Oh yeah, write an FTB. MattBlack told me that he was going to be heading to London to visit his beloved Stamford Bridge and to

The 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins In Pictures

For some reason I can't log in with my username from my parents' basement so thanks to MLB for lending me his (dormant) account. The long hockey season is finally over. More than 1200 games later and the Penguins' tank jobs and threats of relocation have been vindicated, their fans
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