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Is That The Kid You Want?

* 1st pick and 7th overall - your new Maple Leaf, Nazem Kadri! Toronto Sports Media, Torontoist, Toronto Mike and all welcome the new hope to the ACC. * But what does it all mean? Where's the meat? Leafs-centric draft analysis comes from Down Goes Brown, Maple Leaf

Draft Thread III - This Time Its Personnel

Actually, don't make it personal - that would be awful.

Midsummer - Countdown To Winter Starts Here

* Ms Dion's heart is broken (but will presumably go on). Take heart though, brothers and sisters, for now we can undertake a whole new system of product boycotting as Molson agrees to buy out Gillett for the Canadiens. * Right, that's enough francophone bobbins. The Maple Leaf

The Fifth At Aqueduct.

I tire of looking for appropriately lulzy pictures sometimes. So here are some friendly dinosaurs instead. This time next week, we'll know the answer to one of the most important questions of the year - Do Triple P and Chemmy actually intend to get their hands in the

The Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days

* Starting this off this beautiful Sunday morning, Analysis Steve looks back at his pre-draft proclamations of last year and finds parallels with the situation this time around. * Down Goes Brown goes Heatley/Hossa hunting. * Not sure about you, but I always imagine Jared posting in a melted, drunken stupor. Thank

The Kid Stays In The Picture

First of all, sincere congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins - Stanley Cup Champions, 2008/9. * About last night, then. The Fanhouse, Wyshynski, Toronto Sports Media, Suite 101 and the Battle of New York have the tales of the tape as the Penguins record their third. The final words go of

Trigger Cut

* We're starting goalie-centric on the FTB this fine Sunday morn. Dr Steve lets himself down very badly before assessing both the Stars and the Mighty Blue and Whites chances of acquiring Jonas Gustavsson. * Leafs Leaks meanwhile, runs the rule over what already masquerades as Leaf goalkeeping talent. * Maple

The Muck And The Mire

Honestly. You turn your back, work like a prisoner of war, lose your voice and EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT!!! * Sure to be mourned by...I don't know...possibly close family, Greg Gilbert's reign of terror at the Ricoh is finally at an end. Come rejoice with Analysis

Short Attention Spans Lead to Board Penguins

* For those of you out there still wondering which abomination to God and man team is going home with the Big One, Down Goes Brown has a refresher course in the basics. * And anyone still deciding on which team to vote for is advised to head to Out Of Left

Breathing In

* In the summer, a young fan's fancy turns to free agency and trading. Dr Steve reports on BB's potential plans for the coming weeks. * Which is also where Maple Leaf Hot Stove starts up, before moving onto Draft Watch '09, Part One: The Combine. * Following

A Belt Of Scotch

* The good doctor Steve wonders how hard the Leafs are going to be grabbing on to Grabs. * Maple Leaf Hot Stove looks at the Leaf picks from the draft last year. * The 2008/9 Season Leaf Awards, live from Ron Wilson's back yard and presented live from the

Painting The Town Red

This headline turned out to be only 50% as accurate/awesome as I'd hoped. * Rounding off the...whatever the antonym of 'festivities' is, of yesterday - Down Goes Brown posts the official NHL line on Kerry Fraser day, along with a soberly dressed Cherry. * mf37 and

Crosby Touches Up Prince Of Wales Again: Official.

* A sad start today with the passing of Peter Zezel. Here's a collation of thoughts  with Down Goes Brown, Toronto Sports Media, mf37, Toronto Mike, Dominik, Bring Back Potvin and the Battle of New York. * Dr Steve talks San Jose as a possible template for future Leaf success.

Rank Bajin

* We'll start with a new headline act today, with mf37 looking at the historical cost of trading up. * SedinWatch2009 continues, with TSM. * And if that isn't a rumour to give you sleepless night, how about MLHS talking Komisarek? * T.O Sports reviews great Leaf lines of

The Wind That Shakes...Essentially Nothing

* SedinSedinWatch, 2009: Dr Steve starts us off with a defence of the brothers from an attack made by... * ...Maple Leaf Hot Stove, who aren't that whizzed with the boys from Örnsköldsvik. * TSM's sources have it as practically a done deal - with added JS Giguere relish.

23/05 Was a Great Day For The Barilkosphere

* Big call to start off with - Patrick Eaves is the second coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Only he can fight Satan. * The long-term benefits of being rubbish, listed by T.O. Sports. * Breaking with a season long tradition, the Flames sack Keenan without having just lost to the

A Swift Reducer, Early Doors.

* Sliding straight in at number 1 - Down Goes Brown has taken control of your bestest and worsest memories and posted them on Youtube. * Briefly taking leave of his senses, Dr. Steve makes a case for the Sedins and writes up Dale Mitchell's big night. * TSM reports on

Spending Your Days Bogling To Aswad

I think my Reader problems have been resolved - so if I didn't link you today, it IS personal and you DO smell. * Looking for focus in the hazy off-season picture, it's Dr Steve. * Maple Leaf Hot Stove has some collated rumour mill chatter. * Following the

Cry 'Havoc' And Let Slip The Dogs Of Law!

* In this glorious day Leafs news whatsoever, we start with Puck The Media's assertion that we're watching hockey for the hockey, not the broadcasters. * Out Of Left Field makes the case to reformat the Memorial Cup. * Puck Daddy takes a look at another knee

As Approved By Ma Malkin

* Dr Steve starts us off today, debunking Berger's devotion to Maurice. * Gary Bettman: Dirty, dirty liar. So says Toronto Sports Media - not once, but twice. * Maple Leaf Hot Stove has the worst firings in hockey history. * mf37 briefly looks at a couple of mock drafts - only

Working Like A Schmuck

* Analysis Steve and the worthiness of Ian White. * The usual Monday look at the news wires, from Toronto Sports Media. * Thanks to my esteemed colleague Wrap and her lightening trigger finger, it's the Milbury Meltdown from last night. * Lowetide takes a look at Pat Quinn and his chances

Bandwagon Open Thread - Conference Finals

In the absence of....everyone, basically - let's get this on in the most low key way EVER! CHICAGO @ DETROIT - NBC, TSN, RDS, BLT, ASAP, TFIF. Who do you like for tonight then? Indigenous peoples or flying wheels? I understand we normally have silly videos at this

Lazy Sunday Morning Edition

* With the spare time afforded to you by this holiday weekend, reacquaint yourself with an hour and a half of glory - game 6 from 1967 (flagged up by Vintage Leafs). * Maple Leaf Hot Stove and the changing face of the NHL playoffs. * More Balsillie manoeuvring from Toronto Sports Media.

The Fraudulent Holiday Weekend Starts Here

* Always willing to give new, unheard of writers the stage - here's a young shaver called Eric Duhatschek with a piece on the cost of trading up. * Norman James has 99 problems and isn't sure if Paul Maurice is one. * Puck Daddy reports on Kevin Smith&

The Bru-HaHa.

OR - 'Never Give A Sucker Punch An Even Break'. * The Analytical Dr. Steve probes Free Agency and the gaps on the roster. * ...and hiveminding their own business, Maple Leaf Hot Stove has a roster breakdown too. * Toronto Sports Media seeks perpective in d'affiar Balsillie and
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