Wow, has the CWHL ever had a huge week? From news of new branding and jerseys, to the news of the 2016 All-Star game, there's plenty to get you hyped for the 2015-2016 CWHL season.

Let's recap this past week:

A new chapter for the Montreal Stars

The week began with a huge announcement out of Montreal, as the former Montreal Stars unveiled their new name and logo together with their NHL affiliate, the Montreal Canadiens.

The name "Stars" has had a long history within the CWHL, and the city of Montreal, but the name didn't really reflect the bilingual nature of the city.

So together with the Montreal Canadiens, the Montreal CWHL club went out and surveyed many stakeholders in the team. What they came up with for their new name not only reflects the female clubs partnership with the Canadiens, but also represents a nod to the past.

Les Canadiennes de Montréal is what they came up with.

"Les Canadiennes existed in the 1930's. They were the first French-Canadian women's team to play in Québec. They played against the Montreal Maroons female team. It was a rivalry between the two - the English and the French. We thought that was a cool throwback to the pioneers here in Québec," said Shauna Denis of Habs TV and the Canadiens in an online press release.

"For us, I think, as an organization, it's important to be focused on growing the game at a grassroots level and really promoting hockey. This doesn't stop with our participation in this partnership, though, and is going to extend to a much broader focus on women's hockey. We have a very strong minor hockey program and now we're going to take that and grow it further with a special focus on women's hockey," said Denis.

A new baby named

For months now, Calgary Inferno star Meaghan Mikkelson and her husband, Scott Reid (who may also be the coach of the Inferno), set out on Twitter looking for the country to name their new baby.

After months of elimination in a playoff-style competition, the result is Calder Reid, who was just born.

Toronto looks a little different

As Montreal unveiled their new brand, Toronto was also going through a change.

The Furies, together with the Toronto Maple Leafs, also had something up their sleeves.

The two teams set out looking for the CWHL teams first-ever real logo, that encompassed both the Leafs and Furies brands. While the Furies had an established presence in the league, their old word-based logo really didn't make a connection between their organization, the Leafs' organization, and the city of Toronto.

Furies GM Rebecca Michael said how instrumental the Leafs were in the rebranding process.

"Knowing that you have the support of such a prestigious brand behind you and knowing that we have all these individuals and professionals that we can rely and go to for support has been amazing," said the GM in a press release.

The new logo encompasses all stakeholders in the Furies organization.

Even more news out of Toronto

The CWHL All-Star Game is one of the highlight events of the year for the league. Last season, in the game's inaugural debut, nearly 7,000 fans witnessed the best women's hockey in North America at the ACC.

This year, the event is expected to take place in January at the ACC. Look for MLSE to play a big part in the event.