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Tuesday’s FTB: After months of nothing, it all happens at once

Camps! Nylander! Trades! It’s all happening!

Toronto Maple Leafs v Carolina Hurricanes Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Two months of no big news came to an end when William Nylander signed his contract on Saturday night. That was the crack in the damn that brought it all down and flooded Leafs Nation with news.

First, there was the return of Nylander, which gave us a first look at the new, Lou free look we’re being treated with this year.

Then some dummy asked if Nylander would be sent to the AHL

Of course, we needed to make room for Nylander, so someone had to go.

I heard the Maple Leafs are putting a plaque on his stool in the press box in his honour.

Then there’s the varied reactions we all had to Nylander.

In non-Nylander news, World Junior Championship camps are starting soon and a couple of Maple Leafs have already gotten their invites.

It was a busy Monday. Will Tuesday be any different?

William Nylander is now a point of reference for teams with pending RFA’s.

The Flyers hired Chuck Fletcher as GM, sadly passing on Dave Nonis

Good news for the Leafs as the NHL projects a $4m bump in the Salary Cap

The Penguins got in on the trades today as well

Tyler Bertuzzi got suspended, like uncle like nephew I guess

Finally, let us never forget what a disaster Eugene Melnyk is.

Enjoy your day everyone!