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Sundays FTB: No one knows what's going on

And we shouldn't be surprised who's making things confusing.

during question period in the Ontario Legislature
I'm going to just keep talking and hope that I get something right eventually.
Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Good morning fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Ontario Hockey League, and people who love to be confused by government officials who have no idea what is even happening.

Here in Ontario we have a Minister for Sport in the provincial government and her name is Lisa MacLeod. She used to be an important member of the cabinet but her first role was so poorly done she got bumped all the way down to being the lunch room monitor of the cabinet.

MacLeod is the person who has been running around telling everyone that here can't be an Ontario Hockey League (OHL) season during the COVID-19 pandemic unless the players on opposing teams refrain from touching each other:

This announcement has been made several times and no mention of the players (who will not be isolated like the NHL players were, and will attend local high schools between games) sitting next to teammates on the benches, breathing heavily, sweating all over each other, and also playing close next to opponents along the boards, in corners, and at face offs. These acts are all ok and COVID-19 free, but if you bump into each other you're doomed.

Some of this talk could stem from the Quebec government mandating stricter fighting rules for the QMJHL's return to play in September - but the league was asking for a $20,000,000 bailout at the time so they got their money with strings attached.

So yesterday Sportsnet wrote their latest piece on this issue, and then TSN's Rick Westhead tweeted about his conversation with the Minister and she replied, confirming that there will be no bodychecking:

Well, Lisa, turns out your boss has no idea what’s going on and what’s final:

With all of the twists and turns and contradictions, it’s a good thing the OHL has pushed it’s projected start date to February. This gives the Premier and his Minister a few months to walk down the hall at Queens Park and actually, you know, have a conversation about this.

Here’s what little other news I could gather:

I love this video, always and forever.

Because he cost Andreas Johnsson.

I feel the reach for content this movie review was.

Speaking of reaching, that’s all I got for you!

Oh, and I hope you remembered to turn your clocks back an hour this morning.