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Friday’s FTB: How do we re-brand? like....stuff?

Desk with computer Photo by Dafydd Owen/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images

So. With the Toronto Maple Leafs and the rest of the NHL suspending the 2019-2020 season, we here at Pension Plan Puppets Hockey Blogging, Basement Renovations, and Kitten Ranching, LLC are at a crossroads. We’re internationally known for our high quality stories on all things Maple Leafs and hockey, but now we have nether of those things to write about.

All of the professional hockey leagues in North America have suspended operations, as well as the NCAA and CHL leagues. International leagues have shut down or are playing in empty arenas, and the IIHF has cancelled all scheduled championships.

Almost all of the other major sports leagues and events around the world have cancelled or postponed their seasons, with some still playing in empty arenas hoping this is a short term problem.

Outside of sports, places of mass gatherings are also closing - church services, concerts, festivals and conferences are all closing. Even the Disney Parks, which almost never close, are shutting down for a month (this will cost the Walt Disney Company about $1.4 billion in revenue, and yes they’ve said they’re paying their employees).

This is where we face our problem. As hockey bloggers, with no hockey, no blog. That’s fine during the Toronto Blue Jays playoffs we would host game threads for those games. During lockouts we’d poke our noses around the whole sports world to find things to talk about.

Now we don’t have any of that.

We could continue the season like normal, and recaps games that aren’t happening, like Hardev did last night:

Do we go into re-runs, become ‘Classic PPP’?

Do we dig out some of our own personal favourites to just re-post for the giggles?

Is this the perfect time to bring back some of the best stories ever?

Or showcase some of the best things our community has produced?

Do we go ahead and just talk about completely random things?

We could move on to become a Netflix series reviewing blog, or a blog about microwaveable frozen pizza snacks. We have absolute freedom to do whatever we want.

It’s terrifying.