Is there a team more lovable than the Bruins? They have all that history, and they’re just so good, so much fun to watch. Who doesn’t want to see how often Zdeno Chara commits interference in a game? And Brad Marchand, come on, is there a more lovable rogue?

I think I speak for all Leafs fans, as is easy to do, when I say that no one is more beloved than Jake DeBrusk. Unless it’s Charlie McAvoy, I guess. The team, top to bottom, are wonderful humans, full of skill that they try not to use too much. They understand that the key to winning is to limit that in favour of defensive excellence. Is there a team more fun that the Bruins? Who doesn’t want to see the best players in the NHL at disrupting cross-crease passes?

While we wait for this game to begin, let’s take a moment to just remember what it is we love the most about the Boston Bruins!

What’s the best thing about the Bruins?

I love those black and white uniforms their team leaders wear!25
Chara is such a slow skater, it’s so charming the way the league is making it possible for him to play to age 90.58
Their fans are the best fans. 16
The only thing better than Charlie McAvoy’s playing is his contract! I love him.5
Listening to Jack Edwards call the game is worth every penny Rogers NHL Live costs. He’s the best. 30