Maple Leafs vs. Lightning
7:30PM - Air Canada Centre
TV: Sportsnet (regional: blackouts in effect)
Radio: Sportsnet590
Leafs' farm team: Raw Charge

The traffic is atrocious, but, as always, Reimer calmly glides their car across the Gardiner Expressway toward the ACC.

Reimer is genuinely happy for Bernier to be back and have a fresh start with the team. As they pass the throng of cars queued to exit at Spadina Avenue Alesso's "We could be heroes" comes on the radio. Reimer beams a big smile and says "Bernie, I know you’re going to be great tonight. I just know it!  I can’t wait until we’re back together."

Bernier responds with a muffled "MMMmmmmhmmmmhmhm."

As he navigates the car around the York Street corkscrew off-ramp, Reimer, still watching the road, adds "I mean, it was great with Sparkles getting such an awesome start to his career, and with such an amazing performance, but, there’s nothing I want more than for the two of us to lead this team to greatness. To be the heroes together."

Bernier responds again with a muffled "MMMmmmmhmmmmhmhm."

Reimer raises an eyebrow.

He slowly turns his head to look at Bernier in the passenger seat. He catches Bernier in the act of stuffing his face with the last bite of a sandwich. It was not just any sandwich. It was the elaborate tomato, bacon, and turkey sandwich Reimer had carefully composed before the game to bring with him and eat while he watched from the press box.

"THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MINE!" Reimer screeches as they drive down the ramp into the ACC parking garage.

Bernier looks at him with eyes like a puppy dog caught in the act. He responds meekly "Oh? I thought you made it for me."

Reimer frowns and stares into Bernier’s eyes.

Bernier’s eyes widen. Then he belches.

Reimer frowns even more, but Bernier starts giggling.

As hard as he tries Reimer simply can’t stare into Bernier’s soft, squinty eyed grin without his heart melting. And it does just that. "Oh, Bernie. You’re the worst thing, and the best thing, to ever happen to me."

Bernier laughs and says "That’s exactly how I like it, James."

After Reimer finishes backing the car in to their parking spot in the garage, he turns to Bernier and whispers "I love you so much Bernie."

They lean in and kiss passionately.


Startled, they both look up to see James van Riemsdyk exiting a beat up old white van opposite them, laughing hysterically. "Get a room you two!" he yells.

They ignore him and turn back to each other. Reimer whispers to Bernier "You're getting a win tonight, Bernie. I know it." Then he kisses him again. They run their hands over the back of their heads, their tongues slipping in to each others mouths.


This time they both jump when they look up to see Mike Babcock leaning out his car's window, staring at them, with his arm outstretched pointing at his watch. They both look down at the clock in the car and see that Bernier is late to get in the dressing room. They scramble and bolt to the staircase as Babcock walks in front of them. Suddenly he turns around and says "Don't worry. I know now that you two are the ones who will lead this team to greatness and be the Leaf's heroes."

Reimer and Bernier turn at each other, smile, and kiss.

It's interrupted when Babcock screams "NOW GET TO THE DRESSING ROOM BERNIER!"

Bernier hustles up the stairs. As he rounds the corner Reimer see's him stop, wink, and mouth the words "I will, James."

Reimer smiles and heads to the concourse, looking for something to fill his grumbling empty stomach. He eyes the Burkie Dog stand, but passes when he sees the staff are scrambling to fill an order for a dozen foot-longs by Steve Simmons.