It’s summary time again, with even more players out there starting their season.


North American Skater Game Logs

2022-10-16Brandon Lisowsky (LW)WHLSaskatoon BladesCalgary HitmenW4-220200410NA
2022-10-09Brandon Lisowsky (LW)WHLSaskatoon BladesMoose Jaw WarriorsW4-10000-1400NA
2022-10-07Brandon Lisowsky (LW)WHLSaskatoon BladesBrandon Wheat KingsW5-30000-1400NA
2022-10-05Brandon Lisowsky (LW)WHLSaskatoon BladesMoose Jaw WarriorsL1-30000-1400NA
2022-10-04Brandon Lisowsky (LW)WHLSaskatoon BladesLethbridge HurricanesL1-30110-1200NA
2022-10-08Matthew Knies (LW)NCAAUniv. of MinnesotaMinnesota State Univ. (Mankato)L2-30000-1400NA
2022-10-07Matthew Knies (LW)NCAAUniv. of MinnesotaMinnesota State Univ. (Mankato)W4-10000-1300NA
2022-10-08Mike Koster (D)NCAAUniv. of MinnesotaMinnesota State Univ. (Mankato)L2-300000300NA
2022-10-07Mike Koster (D)NCAAUniv. of MinnesotaMinnesota State Univ. (Mankato)W4-10000-1300NA
2022-10-15Nicholas Moldenhauer (C/RW)USHLChicago SteelUSNTDP JuniorsL4-51010-1610NA
2022-10-14Nicholas Moldenhauer (C/RW)USHLChicago SteelUSNTDP JuniorsW8-310102400NA
2022-10-08Nicholas Moldenhauer (C/RW)USHLChicago SteelMadison CapitolsW6-430302500NA
2022-10-07Nicholas Moldenhauer (C/RW)USHLChicago SteelDubuque Fighting SaintsL4-61010-2110NA
2022-10-14Ryan O'Connell (D)NCAAMichigan TechUniv. of Alaska-FairbanksW6-200003000NA
2022-10-13Ryan O'Connell (D)NCAAMichigan TechUniv. of Alaska-FairbanksW2-000002100NA
2022-10-07Ryan O'Connell (D)NCAAMichigan TechFerris State Univ.L1-200001000NA
2022-10-15Ryan Tverberg (C/RW)NCAAUniv. of ConnecticutOhio State Univ.W6-110143400NA
2022-10-14Ryan Tverberg (C/RW)NCAAUniv. of ConnecticutOhio State Univ.T0-0(OT0:00)00040200NA
2022-10-08Ryan Tverberg (C/RW)NCAAUniv. of ConnecticutUnion CollegeW4-3(OT61:49)0110-1300NA
2022-10-07Ryan Tverberg (C/RW)NCAAUniv. of ConnecticutUnion CollegeW4-101100200NA
2022-10-16Ty Voit (C/LW)OHLSarnia StingMississauga SteelheadsL2-30110-1300NA
2022-10-14Ty Voit (C/LW)OHLSarnia StingWindsor SpitfiresL3-60220-3300NA
2022-10-12Ty Voit (C/LW)OHLSarnia StingOwen Sound AttackW3-20110-1100NA
2022-10-09Ty Voit (C/LW)OHLSarnia StingSoo GreyhoundsW6-222401410NA
2022-10-07Ty Voit (C/LW)OHLSarnia StingSaginaw SpiritL4-71120-1200NA
2022-10-15Veeti Miettinen (RW)NCAASt. Cloud State Univ.Univ. of WisconsinW2-101101400NA
2022-10-14Veeti Miettinen (RW)NCAASt. Cloud State Univ.Univ. of WisconsinW5-100001100NA

European Skater Game Logs

2022-10-15Dmitri Ovchinnikov (F)KHLSibir NovosibirskDynamo MoskvaW4-3(SO1-0)011002009:56
2022-10-13Dmitri Ovchinnikov (F)KHLSibir NovosibirskTraktor ChelyabinskW2-1(OT)0000030011:34
2022-10-11Dmitri Ovchinnikov (F)KHLSibir NovosibirskAdmiral VladivostokL2-40000100011:30
2022-10-08Dmitri Ovchinnikov (F)KHLSibir NovosibirskHK SochiW3-01010110011:03
2022-10-06Dmitri Ovchinnikov (F)KHLSibir NovosibirskCSKA MoskvaL0-30000000010:31
2022-10-04Dmitri Ovchinnikov (F)KHLSibir NovosibirskLokomotiv YaroslavlL1-2000000007:34
2022-10-15Kalle Loponen (D)LiigaKooKooHPKW2-10002000012:06
2022-10-14Kalle Loponen (D)LiigaKooKooKärpätL1-40000050011:37
2022-10-12Kalle Loponen (D)LiigaKooKooLukkoL0-40002-160013:46
2022-10-08Kalle Loponen (D)LiigaKooKooKalPaW1-00112130017:54
2022-10-07Kalle Loponen (D)LiigaKooKooSaiPaW4-3(OT60:51)0110220013:47
2022-10-05Kalle Loponen (D)LiigaKooKooPelicansL1-30000-120014:59
2022-10-04Nikita Grebyonkin (RW)KHLMetallurg MagnitogorskTraktor ChelyabinskW5-2000000000:13
2022-10-15Roni Hirvonen (C)LiigaHIFKLukkoL0-20000040016:11
2022-10-12Roni Hirvonen (C)LiigaHIFKÄssätW2-00002000018:46
2022-10-07Roni Hirvonen (C)LiigaHIFKKärpätW2-01010180015:24
2022-10-05Roni Hirvonen (C)LiigaHIFKKalPaL1-2(OT62:59)0110110016:10
2022-10-15Topi Niemelä (D)LiigaKärpätSaiPaL2-30000-110013:18
2022-10-14Topi Niemelä (D)LiigaKärpätKooKooW4-10110140020:05
2022-10-12Topi Niemelä (D)LiigaKärpätSportW4-00000230018:58
2022-10-08Topi Niemelä (D)LiigaKärpätJukuritW4-30000-120020:35
2022-10-07Topi Niemelä (D)LiigaKärpätHIFKL0-20000-120021:08
2022-10-05Topi Niemelä (D)LiigaKärpätÄssätW5-31010250020:20

Skater Summary

Brandon Lisowsky (LW)52130-41810NA
Matthew Knies (LW)20000-2700NA
Mike Koster (D)20000-1600NA
Nicholas Moldenhauer (C/RW)4606011620NA
Ryan O'Connell (D)300006100NA
Ryan Tverberg (C/RW)4123821100NA
Ty Voit (C/LW)537100-51310NA
Veeti Miettinen (RW)201102500NA
Dmitri Ovchinnikov (F)61120260010M 21S
Kalle Loponen (D)602261180014M 2S
Nikita Grebyonkin (RW)10000000013S
Roni Hirvonen (C)411222130016M 38S
Topi Niemelä (D)611202170019M 4S


Goalie Game Logs

2022-10-01Dennis Hildeby (G)SHLFärjestad BKTimrå IKW4-2NANANANA0:00
2022-09-29Dennis Hildeby (G)SHLFärjestad BKSkellefteå AIKL4-6525200.858:50
2022-09-27Dennis Hildeby (G)SHLFärjestad BKSkellefteå AIKL0-6NANANANA0:00

Things that stood out to me: Artur Akhtyamov (click on the stats tab of the goalie embed from Elite Prospects) is really doing great in the VHL. Dennis Hildeby is really not having a great start to this season. Topi Niemelä’s ice time was more like his numbers last season in this latest week. And, of course, Nikita Grebyonkin is in the MHL. Will he stay? Move to the VHL? Who knows.

It’s very good to see Matt Knies starting strong, and Brandon Lisowsky had 10 SOG in one game? Brigs has the details.

On Saturday, Lisowsky played in his third game and it was a much different story. Saskatoon (his team) was clearly much better than Swift Current, and they thumped them 8-3 with a huge lead in shots as well. Lisowsky only had one assist, but he had a fantastic game. He added ten shots on net, a few of them very good chances. He also showed improved passing and playmaking compared to last season, making him a pretty potent dual offensive threat. You have to respect his shot and goal scoring, but he also now is showing a greater ability and willingness to set up teammates for better opportunities.

That’s it for this week. Fraser Minten is injured and will not be starting his season just yet, but we’ll let you know if we hear anything about his start date. The Marlies begin play on October 14, so soon we’ll be able to track their development as well.