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Toronto Maple Leafs select Vyacheslav Peksa 185th overall in the 2021 Entry Draft

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The Leafs finish their 2021 draft class with a goalie.

NHLI via Getty Images

With the 185th overall pick in the NHL entry draft, the Toronto Maple Leafs have selected Vyacheslav Peksa out of Irbis Kazan the MHL.

The 6’2” goaltender may be familiar to some Leafs fans giving his connection to other prospects in the organization. Peksa spent the season backing up Artur Akhtyamov on Irbis Kazan who they took 160th overall last season.

Not much out on the goaltender as he didn’t play much but as an off-the-board pick, the mystery is intriguing.

With the third and final pick in the books, the Leafs chose to go with two wingers and a goaltender at the 2021 NHL Draft. Again, because of the position and the lack of info on him, Peksa is an intriguing selection and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Dan Milstein have some kind of influence on it.

The watch is on.