This is your hub for today's PWHL draft. We'll track the main draft here while we work on covering the top Toronto picks.

How to Watch

The draft is livestreamed from Toronto and is on so many platforms, one is bound to suit you, and you can find the list here:

Tune Into the Inaugural PWHL Draft on Monday, 9/18
Coming to you live from the heart of Toronto. The first-ever PWHL Draft will be broadcast live on Monday, September 18th, at 1 p.m. ET. The groundbreaking event will take place at the CBC Headquarters in Toronto, presented by Canadian Tire Corporation, the league’s first Founding Partner. A

For non-Canadian residents, look for the CBC Youtube stream as a sure thing, but avoid the Canadian website streams from CBC or TSN/SN.

The first few rounds will have commentary – and will likely fill the afternoon. After that it will speed up, and likely get dropped on the actual TV channels.


The draft is set to begin at 1 p.m., and since this is all new, we can't guess how long it will take.


The draft will allow the six PWHL teams to select 15 players each, or 90 in total, out of the 268 players who registered.

268 eligible players have declared for the draft on September 18 View french version here / Voir la version française ici TORONTO, ON (September 13, 2023) – The Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) today announced the 268 eligible players from across the women’s hockey world that have decl…

Nafio made the list into a spreadsheet so we can all read it more easily:

To amuse you while you wait out the beginning of the action, this is a very brief bit of analysis of the eligibility lists:

This last one is here to show that forwards fill in all possible ages, while the defence is clustered around 25 more like we'd expect (from NCAA eligibility keeping younger players out in this case).

Live Tracker

To follow the draft live, you can use the PWHL live tracker:

2023 Live Draft Results
See every pick of the 2023 PWHL Draft!

which is really cool, but doesn't break out team lists for you like our low-tech version. You can follow the main draft order on the draft tab and the teams on the team tabs: