Today the six teams of the PWHL can begin naming players in free agency. This is all new to them – the GMs were just announced this morning and the draft lottery was today as well. It's new for us too, so I can't guess how quickly there will be fun signings.

Teams have until September 10 to sign their three players in this early stage of free agency. The draft comes on September 18, and then free agency begins again as teams finish their roster construction.

To follow the team's rosters, we have a list available for each team we'll update as signings happen, and we'll add to it during the draft. It will remain available on the web until a better version can replace it.

You can view on the web here:

PWHL Rosters and Salaries - Google Drive

Or follow along on this page.

I'm mostly just hoping we'll get public salary information.

Update: the first signing announcement from Ottawa indicates they won't be releasing terms of the contracts per the PWHL Players’ Association.