Let's do as Bill Nye told us and consider the following:

The Leafs are a terrible possession team.

Even though that playoff series with the Boston Bruins LOOKED close, it wasn't.

Clarke MacArthur was chased away by Carlyle and it was terrible.

Carlyle is chasing away James Reimer and that's awful.

Real awful.

Jay McClement is on the ice way too often.

Carlyle teaches his D-men to give up their own blue line on the rush.

Carlyle can't coach a breakout.

Carlyle can't coach backside pressure.

Carlyle doesn't know how to deal with a 1-2-2 forecheck.

The Leafs are a joke in their own end, and it's Carlyle's fault.

Nazem Kadri is good and the Leafs would be dumb to trade him because of Carlyle.

Randy Carlyle totally missed the point of Canada's victory.

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