The story of this game was lack of defense. Both these teams are very very fast - the first was a runaway train, the second was a track meet, the third was a fast-paced battle.

The Leafs allowed Dallas to get a lot of chances off the rush right in front of their net, while Toronto spent lots of time in the Stars zone shooting from too far out and not getting enough rebounds.

Andersen was pulled after allowing 3 goals on 8 shots in just over eleven minutes of play.  It wasn’t so much that Andersen was bad as that he didn’t deserve to spend an entire game getting hung out to dry by his defense. McElhinney let in 3 of twelve so wasn’t actually much better.

At the other end of the ice, Lehtonen allowed just 3 goals on 43 shots. As Stars fans have been saying, Lehtonen’s been fine at 5 on 5 and there were only three penalties in total all game.

One fun thing we got to see from the second period onward was a line of Marner - Matthews -  Hyman. If they were supposed to be the nuclear option, it didn’t quite work but there were some pretty plays.

Even down by 5-1 after the first period it didn’t really feel like the Leafs were out of the game until about the last half of the third period. We’ve definitely seen them play better, (especially better than the first) but that never give up quality makes things interesting even when I’m not allowed to change the channel.


Shore takes the outside all the way through the o-zone and drops it off past Freddy to make it 1-0

Oh boy it’s gonna be one of those games. 2-0 Faksa swats a rebound in

3-0 Korpikoski from Ritchie. McElhinney comes on more as a ritual sacrifice than anything else

3-1 JVR shot tipped in by Bozak. Still 6 mins to go in the period

Nice save by McElhinney but next shot from Ritchie goes in  4-1. Still in the first here gang

Jamie Benn with the PPG off the faceoff 5-1 The broadcast informs me this is the Stars best first period of the year... no fucking kidding. Will there be blood flowing out of the visitors dressing room during intermission?

SOSH! 5-2

6-2 Seguin embarrasses McElhinney who goes after him like a kitten on a laser toy. The Leafs try to compensate for their missing goalie but Spezza gets it in.

(Brief review for the net. Second time Marincin has taken the net off in the game. Not a viable defensive strategy Martin.)

Marner got a few opportunities within a short period of time... and there he goes 6-3 This was 25 seconds past the halfway mark of the game but that was it for the scoring.

There was also this in the third

...Don’t ask