Lineup is slightly changed. Mitch Marner is on the top line, and Conor Timmins sits for William Lagesson.

First Period

Jones has to make a stop very early.

The Leafs finally get some chances and Marner can't get a rebound in past Danil Tarasov.

Marner to Auston Matthews on a play where Matt Knies gets the old Zach Hyman non-assist for forechecking while never touching the puck so Matthews can get lost in the weeds.

1-0 Leafs

Columbus comes back hard, but Jones manages.

TJ Brodie and Zach Werenski both go off for slashing each other.

Something is going on after Sean Kuraly is allowed to just skate off after a hard hit and a puck to the sternum. The bench calls hard for medical help and it does not arrive with alacrity. For some reason they had to get a paramedic from across the ice, not a doctor from by the bench. Paging Marty Walsh...

Kuraly couldn't even stand up all the way. Maybe they need a standardized procedure for when they stop play and when they don't.

There are 18.4 seconds left, so the period will end now, more details on Kuraly when they are announced.

The hit:


Biggest difference between this game and Buffalo is the Leafs aren't wilting in front of some physical play, and they can and will and are getting near the net.

Second Period

The Sportsnet broadcast quoted the Columbus broadcast as saying he was fine. The medical staff behind the bench had attended Kuraly in the tunnel, per Sportsnet.

Later on, it was reported that Kuraly has an injury they don't think is serious, but he is at a local medical centre for tests.

The 18.4 seconds are played and the goalies switch ends.

A few seconds into the real second period starts, Adam Fantilli gets a breakaway. He has Jones totally beat.

Tie Game

Adam Fantilli follows up by drawing a penalty that gets one of those controversial embellishment calls to offset an actual penalty. Man, the fans are mad.

If they called embellishment every time Bertuzzi fell down...

JT. responds with a beauty.

2-1 Leafs

The Leafs are being very giving in this game. Spirit of the season and all. For every chance they get, they give one back.

Fantilli takes a real penalty when Auston Matthews is too much for him.

Matthews makes him pay:

3-1 Leafs

Leafs, inevitably, take the next penalty. The Columbus fans had been hot earlier about Provorov getting knocked down while PK-ing. Bobby McMann for holding

Leafs kill it off reasonably easily.

A lot of hard skating up and down, not a lot of shots that hit the target from either side.


Calle Järnkrok, who is sick and missed practice yesterday, is playing fourth line minutes at even-strength while Mitch Marner and William Nylander pick up the slack.

The second line is not better, despite JT's goal. They're getting beat in every matchup except the third line.

Marner sure looks more comfortable with Matthews.

Third Period

Morgan Rielly takes a puck off the foot, and he goes off.

Rielly comes back out and gets a neat shot of goal a few minutes later.

Gregor goes off for holding the stick. He's kind of key on the PK, but Columbus really can't get setup against an aggressive kill. I remember when the Blue Jackets were as good as the Leafs at that kind of PK.

Domi immediately goes off for high-sticking by telekinesis.

Simon Benoit saves a goal with a timely clear of a Jones rebound.

Oh that's adorable. William Nylander with another shorty as Brodie pretends Nylander might pass to him.

4-1 Leafs

Domi comes out of the box and into a breakaway, but Tarasov has this one.

Järnkrok draws a penalty on Danforth. Please make jokes about traffic now, those are still fresh.

The Leafs don't take this power play very seriously, but it kills some minutes.


Never really noticed Timothy Liljegren, but he played big minutes. That's likely a good sign.

Leafs next game is December 27 at home to Ottawa, but fear not, they get to come right back to Columbus on the 29th.