First Period

Oh, that's better! If the Flyers can do it...

1-0 Leafs


Now, this might have been the highlight of the period, as the Leafs allow a lot of action in front of Joe Woll.

Pontus Holmberg tries his one-handed solo run, but no luck. The line with him William Nylander and Nick Robertson is very interesting. Not how the period started, but how it's going.

Ah, okay, the reason for the lineblender is apparent. Tyler Bertuzzi is getting the dressed but benched treatment. And then he pops out in his expected spot on the top line.

Now that "interesting" line is in the defensive zone, and holy cow are they terrible. No one with a clue how to get the puck and get out of the zone, no one knows who the centre is. Looks like a preseason line.

Leafs spent a few shifts actually playing competently in the defensive zone, so that's a nice change. They aren't really holding onto the puck long enough to generate meaningful offence, though.


A lot of skating and passing and skating and passing, and very, very little shooting. From both teams. Woll was very good.

Second Period

Broadcast is saying they think Bertuzzi isn't feeling right, seems like something physical.

Washington gets a two-on-one, but nothing comes of it. The play goes the other way, however, and...

2-0 Leafs

That should be it for this period in scoring, then.

Robertson, Connor Dewar and Holmberg โ€“ the new "interesting line" get hemmed in hard, and escape when Rasmus Sandin opens the gate.

The goal line has now made a save at both nets. One slipped behind Woll and now one behind Lindgren.

Matt Knies dumps Tom Wilson and the Capitals get the first power play.

And the expected happens.

2-1 Leafs

Leafs get it right back. Some fellow by the name of Matthews, with Bertuzzi doing a great net-front job. 57!

3-1 Leafs

And then the Capitals get it right back.

3-2 Leafs

Ye olde shot off the back boards and everyone in white was flummoxed by one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Oh wow. A cycle, a veritable cycle. (Also involving Domi giving the puck to Benoit, who shrugs and goes and plays F for a second.) But they work this, and then that guy again with 58!

Nevermind, this was offside.

Someone gets in Woll's face after a whistle, and a pile ensues. Then Tom Wilson skates around yelling like he's the aging bouncer in a tacky club that plays 15 year old music trying to prove how tough he is.

Oh! You can score in the last minute too.

Jake McCabe with a tip on a Domi shot. That's a good, simple shot choice from Domi.

4-2 Leafs


A better period from the Leafs and not much from the Capitals.

Big improvement in quality of shooting. Caps did all their work in period one.


Third Period

Capitals take a penalty early in the third. Ovechkin for hooking.

Leafs get one shot, pass the puck right to Ovechkin as he comes out of the box, but because he is old now he just slaps it at Woll and goes to the bench.

Leafs get a second power play very quickly. It is, of course, terrible. Too many mixed up players on both units to expect much right now.

Leafs with a very inept and badly timed line change and it all goes downhill from there.

4-3 Leafs

Sure leave Ovechkin uncovered.

It's okay, Bobby has us covered.

5-3 Leafs

88 helped a little.

Whoo hoo!

Bertuzzi makes it 6-3 Leafs

Washington takes a Leafs-special penalty for too many men, so it's another power play. This one is slightly better.

Wilson takes a penalty for straight up whacking Noah Gregor full in the face with his stick. Double minor.

JT saves the power play from futility with only 13 seconds left.

7-3 Leafs

Leafs win!

Next game is Saturday against Edmonton.


The Flyers are so much better than Washington. How is this team in sight of a playoff spot?

Domi with a hell of a night. Not the first time I've warmed up to him as a player against a weak team. Let's see how the Florida games go, though.

Tom Wilson could do with a suspension again.