Will wait on the confirmation, but I think the Leafs have to have put both Mark Giordano and Joe Woll on LTIR to activate Timothy Liljegren tonight and still have room for all the extras needed for the guys out with illnesses.

No Brodie, no Matthews.

The roster for posterity:

First Period

Noah Gregor hands the puck on a silver platter to Malkin, but the Leafs survive that maple-glazed turnover.

LOL! We all of us manifested this goal. What did you say when you saw that top line? They said goal.

Domi with a great move to set this up.

1-0 Leafs

Knies with the moves to put it in the net.

Just what kind of 'flu meds is Matt Knies on? Domi goes down, and stays down because he took a stick in the face, so Knies drops the gloves.

No call on the stick infraction, two go off for fighting.

There's a scrum after the next save by Jones. Lars Eller vs Simon Benoit. They both go off.

An uncalled high stick on Sidney Crosby has him in a forth.

Max Domi! My goodness what a good steal of the puck.

Marner cashes it in and it's 2-0 Leafs.

Leafs take a penalty in a shock to no one. Liljegren on Crosby.

Pens take an interference call setting up their own power play.

Pens take another penalty a few seconds into the four-on-four.

We're calling slashing and interference tonight, not high-sticking.

Leafs do four forwards on the four-on-three. A little bird told me the Marlies did a five forward PP yesterday.

No joy on the multi man advantages.

My man, Pontus!!! And he helps Bobby McMann get his first NHL goal with a relentless set of puck retrievals. Ah, this is beautiful.

3-0 Leafs


Leafs good.

Second Period

The Penguins don't open the period looking like a puck-control team.

Of course because I said that Jones has to make a good save.

Domi centres the puck right onto Erik Karlsson's stick and the Penguins do nothing with that gift but dump it in. Jones sends up a beauty of a long pass and ... well...

4-0 Leafs

Max Domi, in all his glory.

Jarry gets the hook and Nedeljkovic comes in.

Letang takes a penalty and has a lot to say.

Domi wins the faceoff, and JT gets the goal. (Go play the lottery, Max.)

5-0 Leafs

Leafs take a penalty for having too many goals. (Actually it's Pontus Holmberg, and his PIM is one reason he keeps not sticking in the lineup.)

This edition of their PP is legitimately just passing for no reason and to no plan, but they keep the Leafs on the PK for the full time.

Leafs have a power play, and I'm just going to say here that Conor Timmins on PP2 is wearing out his welcome.

Noah Gregor on the other hand...

6-0 Leafs

Obligatory shot of Kyle Dubas up in the suite looking less than thrilled.

And away we go with a feisty little scrum. Timmins takes Crosby off with him, so okay Timmins, you're in my good books again.


I think we all know Matthews has been holding them back. (Someone will write this for real.)

Domi, man. Every time he fumbles the puck, I expect him to score five seconds later.

Serious thoughts: Penguins are owning the shotshare and blowing it all on low danger shots while the Leafs can shoot from wherever they like.

Third Period

"If they can get this third period home," is how we start the broadcast. Um...

Gregor scores, but it's waived off. No challenge ensues. The Leafs don't need it to be 7-0.

Domi goes off to give the broadcast a chance to talk about the Penguins' PP which is all that happens.

Malkin goes off for a stupid high-sticking call. And the blood-stained gauze says it's four minutes.

To be honest, one wants a fast forward button for this period. All anyone cares about is shutout: yes/no?

Man, Nylander making me work. He scores, it's 7-0 Leafs.

Leafs win. Jones gets the shutout.


How much nerve does it take to not promote Järnkrok in this game and make the Tavares line the top line? I know people don't like Keefe, but that is a good example of how to deal with people, and show faith in them.

For Martin Jones: