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Team, play and statistical analysis of the Maple Leafs, their opponents and the NHL as a whole.

PD Oh No: The Maple Leafs, Percentages and You

It’ll be fine. Honestly. It’s just randomness.

Game 1 Usage: What can we learn from the coach’s decisions?

Who was bad, right? That’s all that matters.

Auston Matthews will miss the Maple Leafs home opener

There is a clear contingency plan in place.

Should Josh Ho-Sang get a contract?

That answer seems obvious. There is less clarity on what kind, and what reasonable expectations of his future are.

3 plausible Maple Leafs rosters that fit under the cap

Mixed in is the injury report and some waivers and LTIR refreshers.

Toronto Maple Leafs: Who is even on this team?

Goes double for the Marlies.

2021 Top 25 Under 25: Joey Anderson is #14

After a year with the Marlies, can he break onto the crowded Leafs roster?

Maple Leafs Roster and Cap Space after the Ritchie and Kase Signings

Have the Leafs finished their offseason business, and this is it until training camp?

Why the Leafs believe in Michael Bunting

The former Soo Greyhound keeps proving himself everywhere he lands.

Maple Leafs Roster as Free Agency is About to Open

There’s a few ???. There’s not much cap space.

Three things the Leafs should take from the Lightning Stanley Cup run

The Tampa Bay Lightning are the Leafs Blueprint.

The Complete Third Season of Kyle Dubas

A look at the trades, signings, and draft of the Leafs GM, and how they worked out.

Who has played their last game as a Maple Leaf in 2021?

Many will be gone, some are already forgotten, one we might be sorry to lose.

Time Is Up

The Leafs’ core has endured through several postseason disappointments. It can’t endure any more.

Playoff Kerfoot filling big gaps in the lineup

With John Tavares out and Nick Foligno day-to-day, Kerfoot had to step up.

Leafs over Habs by how much?

Leafs fans will probably not like these odds.

Maple Leafs late season slump: Was it just the goaltending?

One theory says the Leafs have been a great team with terrible goalies. Is that true, or is there a hidden flaw on the team itself?

How did Nick Foligno do in his first game for the Leafs?

Is it high pressure to start with Matthews and Marner, or playing on easy level?

Don’t assign Nick Foligno a line number just yet

He’s unlikely to be pinned down to one job out of the gate.

Why you heff to be mad?

It’s only game!

Deep Dive: Is Nick Foligno the shutdown forward Keefe needs?

More HEM to the Leafs is all we could ask for.

Trade Deadline Roundtable: How did the Leafs do?

Let’s talk about our feelings!

Is Alex Galchenyuk good enough to be the upgrade John Tavares needs?

Has the top-six hole already been filled, or is it still the best place to improve?
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