Canadian Women's Hockey League (CWHL)

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Coverage of the now-defunct CWHL

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: The legacy of Angela James

Other stories this week: the Beanpot and the NWHL All-Star Game

CWHL Recap: Markham Thunder triple up the Worcester Blades 9-3

Victoria Bach scores her first hat trick and adds a couple of assists in the win.

CWHL Recap: Markham Thunder spike the Worcester Blades 7-1

Jamie Lee Rattray gets her first CWHL hat trick as the Thunder score a touchdown in Worcester.

Adventures in China: Toronto Furies get creative taking on the Shenzhen Rays

With a short bench and a surprise addition, Toronto gains two points on the roadtrip.

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: Brianna Decker gets paid

Next year, instead of demonstration, why don’t we try inclusion?

CWHL Recap: Les Canadiennes get their revenge against the Thunder, 6-2

Stacey and Bach score one apiece but Saulnier scores four.

CWHL Recap: Thunder smother the Canadiennes 2-1

Two goals from Victoria Bach and an excellent performance from Erica Howe combined for the win!

Hockey Canada announces roster for Rivalry Series vs Team USA

Four Furies and five Thunder players will join Team Canada

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: How to build a national program

The Ukrainian National Team’s win at the Div IIB Qualifying tournament is the next step in their development.

CWHL All-Star Draft: The results

Meet Team Purple and Team Gold.

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: Bruins and Pride form fourth NHL-NWHL partnership

It sounds good, but what does it mean for the league?

CWHL Recap: Toronto Furies douse Calgary Inferno 3-0

Elaine Chuli gets the shutout as the Furies split the weekend series

CWHL Recap: Inferno outwork Furies 4-1

Shea Tiley saved 50 and Renata Fast scored one, but it wasn’t enough.

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: Teenagers’ time to shine

U-18 Worlds thoughts along with the usual CWHL, NWHL, college and international links

CWHL Recap: Markham Thunder can’t extinguish the Inferno, Canadiennes roll over Toronto Furies

Late scoring wasn’t enough to get Markham and Toronto any wins.

CWHL Recap: Furies fall to Canadiennes 3-1, Thunder lose 4-3 to Inferno in overtime

A Marie-Philip Poulin hat trick sinks Toronto and Markham’s late comeback is good enough for a point but not a win.

CWHL Sportsnet Weekend: Preview and primer

Here’s a handy beginners guide to the CWHL and the teams you’ll see this weekend.

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: Women’s hockey has a media problem

The mainstream media and the leagues need to do a better job of making sure coverage happens.

CWHL cap crunch: How does Toronto handle reserve players?

GM Sami Jo Small addressed the situation on Saturday’s broadcast.

CWHL Recap: Thunder sweep Blades, Inferno shut out Furies

One team wins, one team loses heading into the holiday break

CWHL Recap: Furies dampen the Inferno, Thunder beat Blades

Sarah Nurse and Victoria Bach score the game winning goals.

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: Midseason coaching changes

Miller steps down, Seiling and Muni are fired and Ouellette and Sauvageau step up.

CWHL Recap: Furies cut down Blades while Inferno smoke Thunder

Toronto is on a three-game win streak; Markham swept by Calgary

CWHL Recap: Furies dull Blades and Inferno hold back the Thunder

It was a night of firsts in Toronto, and a frustrating night in Markham

Familiar faces and new stars highlight CWHL All-Star roster

Toronto Furies send four, Markham Thunder send seven to Scotiabank Arena.
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