Today the  Toronto Furies  announced that they have pre-signed 2018 Olympic silver medalist Sarah Nurse from the CWHL Draft list. Moreover they have specified she will be their first selection, making her the second overall pick in the 2018 draft.

Nurse was one of the most coveted forwards on the draft list—the only Canadian Olympian, she scored one of Canada’s prettiest goals at Pyeongchang (if the below video is geoblocked for you, try this NBC version).

While this was only her second stint with the senior women’s team (she played four games with Team Canada in the 2015 4 Nations Cup), it doubtless won’t be her last.

She spent her college career as a forward with the University of Wisconsin Badgers, on a team that included Pyeongchang Olympian Emily Clark and centralized USWNT player Annie Pankowski (both now going into their senior year at Wisconsin), as well as 2018 CWHL defence prospects Melissa Channell and Lauren Williams. In her senior season, Nurse racked up 53 points in 39 games, and her 25 goals were tied with Pankowski for second in the NCAA.

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Nurse has world-class hands, as seen in this clip from her senior year at Wisconsin (funnily enough, the goalie she’s working over in the clip below is the University of Minnesota-Duluth’s Maddie Rooney, who was also in goal for that Olympic tally against the USA).

With only 56 goals in 28 games last season, the Furies could use some additional scoring and Sarah Nurse fits that bill nicely.

This is the first of GM Sami Jo Small’s three pre-signings, stay tuned to find out who her second and third picks will be!

The 2018 CWHL draft takes place in Toronto this Sunday August 26.