Finally, we’ve made it to the dregs of the draft, the final two rounds of the modern draft and rounds that don’t (and probably shouldn’t have ever) exist anymore.

We have seven rounds of info to go through, so let’s get to it.

First up is the sixth round of the NHL draft. The Maple Leafs have made 57 picks in this round, the most of any round ever. It’s almost like these picks aren’t worth trading....

The sixth round amazingly sees, you guessed it, defenders high up the list, but left wingers are tied for volume with them.

The OHL is again tops, but the NCAA jumps out into third place for leagues drafted from. Worth it, since the Leafs got a total of....21 games from those eight players: Bill McCreary Jr (1979) played 12 games and Robbie Earl (2004) played nine.

Only three players from the sixth round have ever played more than 100 games for the Leafs: Connor Brown (2012) currently has 171 games, Ian White (2002) played 296, and Leo Komarov (2006) has played 327 and could possibly see that number stay there this summer. Recent sixth rounders Nicolas Mattinen and Stephen Desrocher have been returned to the draft.

Here is the complete list of the Toronto Maple Leafs sixth round picks.

Toronto Maple Leafs Sixth round picks

PlayerPositionDraft YearNHL GPGoalsAssistsPointsPMFromGAASV%SO
Leo KomarovC200632752701221387SM-Liiga
Ian WhiteD20022962877105190WHL
Connor BrownRW201217135357028OHL
Yannick TremblayD1995784111522QMJHL
Alexander GodynyukD199049391275Russia Super
Damian RhodesG1987470006Minn High School2.640.9080
Viktor StalbergD200640951430Sweden Jrs
Jerry D'AmigoLW2009221230USNTDP
Bill McCrearyLW1979121014NCAA
Robbie EarlLW200490110NCAA
Maxim KondratievD200170002Russia Tier 2
David BrollLW201150110OHL
Dmitriy YakushinD199620002COHL
Antoine BibeauG201320000QMJHL1.990.9270
Grant RollheiserG200800000BCHL000
Jan SochorC199900000Czech
Jaroslav SklenarLW200100000Czech
Paul VincentC199300000Mass High School
Bob NeufeldD196900000MJHL
Tyler RuegseggerC200600000NCAA
Dennis RobertsonD201100000NCAA
Chris BogasD199600000NCAA
Dave BurkeD198900000NCAA
Kevin CampbellD197500000NCAA
Ron DennisG198000000NCAA000
Mike DoersC198900000NY High School
Ryan McGregorC201700000OHL
Ryan RupertC201200000OHL
Dan DjakalovicC197600000OHL
Nicolas MattinenD201600000OHL
Stephen DesrocherD201500000OHL
Allan RourkeD199800000OHL
Kam WhiteD199400000OHL
Mike RuestD197100000OHL
Eric GooldyLW199700000OHL
Jeff PerryLW199100000OHL
Craig KalesRW198200000OHL
Bill HassardLW197400000OPJHL
Chris DiDomenicoLW200700000QMJHL
Lucio DeMartinisLW199600000QMJHL
Stephane GiguereLW198600000QMJHL
Normand LefebvreRW197800000QMJHL
Alexander KuzminskiC199100000Russia Super
Vadim SozinovLW200000000Russia Super
Mikael HakanssonC199200000SHL
Cal BoothLW197000000SJHL
Jiri LatalD198500000Slovakia
Johan DahlbergLW200500000Sweden Jrs
Nolan VeseyLW201400000USPHL
Fabian JosephC198400000WHL
Roy SommerC197700000WHL
Dave ShardlowC197200000WHL
Doug MaritD197300000WHL
Doug BonnerG199500000WHL000
Jack WalkerLW201600000WHL
Ron DregerLW198200000WHL
Mel HewittLW197800000WHL

Round seven is the worst one yet, which is to be expected.

Nineteen defenders! I had to turn the chart sideways otherwise it wouldn’t have worked.

A big  sprinkling of leagues in round seven, but the OHL, as always, is way out front.

There was only one player of consequence for the Maple Leafs taken in round seven, and that is Carl Gunnarson (2007), because he got us Roman Polak. No, I’m kidding please don’t hurt me. He played just over 300 games (304) for the Leafs, and was a long time name on the blue line. The next closest player to 100 games for the Leafs was some guy named Anton Stralman (2005) who played 88 games but then faded out of existence I think.

Here are all of the Maple Leafs 7th round picks.

Round Seven

PlayerPositionDraft YearNHL GPGoalsAssistsPointsPMFromGAASV%SO
Carl GunnarsonD200730415718614SHL
Anton StralmanD2005884182238Sweden Div 1
Jeremy WilliamsRW20033192116WHL
Martin ProchazkaRW1991292468Czech
Garrett SparksG2011170000OHL3.020.8931
Andrew MacWilliamD20081202212AJHL
Andreas JohnssonLW201392130Sweden Jrs
Russ AdamC1980812311OHL
Viktor LoovD201240220Sweden-1
Eric LacroixLW199030002Mass High School
Patrik AugustaLW199220000Czech
Cam PlanteD198320000WHL
Marek MelenovskyC199500000Czech
Markus SeikolaD200000000Finland Jrs
Joe MacInnisC198400000Mass High School
Dominic CampedelliD198200000Mass High School
Max EversonD201100000Min. High School
Matt MallgraveC198800000Minn High School
Scott MayC200200000NCAA
Reggie BergC199600000NCAA
Monte MironD197200000NCAA
Dale SmedsmoLW197100000NCAA
Keith MerklerLW198900000NY High School
Dan HieC198600000OHL
Charlie SkjodtC197600000OHL
Barron SmithD200900000OHL
Jeff TrianoD198200000OHL
Andrew WrightD198100000OHL
Jan ChovanG200100000OHL000
Jeff AndrewsLW199300000OHL
Tim BeanLW198500000OHL
Lynn JorgensonLW197700000OHL
Kevin DevineLW197400000OHL
Nikita KorostelevRW201500000OHL
Shawn ThorntonRW199700000OHL
Ryan VandenBusscheRW199200000OHL
Ryan O'ConnellD201700000Ont. High School
Dan FollettG197300000OPJHL
Hugo MarchandD199700000QMJHL
Steve JohnsonD197100000QMJHL
Jonathan GagnonLW199800000QMJHL
Paul LaroseRW197000000QMJHL
Mario RouillardRW197500000QMJHL
Vladimir KulikovG199900000Russia Jrs000
Nikolai ChebykinLW201600000Russia Jrs
Maxim SemenovD200400000Russia Super
Ivan KolozvaryC200100000Slovakia
Lubos VelebnyD200000000Slovakia Jrs
Tommi RajamakiD199400000SM-Liiga
Pierre EngvallLW201400000Sweden Jrs
Chad RauC200500000USHL
Trevor JobeC198700000WHL
John ScammellD197800000WHL
Josh NichollsRW201000000WHL

Round eight saw things spread out a lot more generously than the others. The OHL is still the most popular, but it only had a two point lead.

Defenders were once again the position of choice which is a good thing....

In the eight round of the 1996 draft, the Toronto Maple Leafs selected #38 on the top 100 Maple Leafs of all time, one of the Leafs greatest defenders of all time, Tomas Kaberle.

As probably one of the greatest eighth round picks of all time (no, you do the research) Kaberle would play 878 games for the Maple Leafs, scoring 83 goals, 437 assists for 520 points. Still a resident of Toronto even after being traded in 2011 and retiring in 2016 and leaving the NHL in 2014, Kaberle makes appearances at alumni events, and keeps a hand in Leafs Nation at all times. He got to watch his evil twin Womas Waberle win the Stanley Cup with the Bruins and then play for the Montreal Canadiens.

One other player played over 100 games for the Leafs, and it was Dmitri Mironov (1991) who played 175 games. Below you can find all of the Maple Leafs eighth round picks.

Round 8

PlayerPositionDraft YearNHL GPGoalsAssistsPointsPMFromGAASV%SO
Tomas KaberleD199687883437520246Czech
Dmitri MironovD1991175226385146Russia Super
Ron WilsonD197564715226NCAA
Derek LaxdalRW198451961584WHL
Ron LowG1970420004MJHL3.90.8811
Fred PerliniC198082350OHL
Pierre HedinD199930110SHL
Paul BifanoRW198300000BCHL
Bob BurnsD197100000CDN Army
Tomas KucharcikC199100000Czech
Mihail TravnicekLW199800000Czech
Rob ButlerLW199400000GOJHL
Mark MurphyLW199500000GOJHL
Andy DonahueC198500000Mass High School
Steve BrennanRW198600000Mass High School
Dan StiverRW199000000NCAA
Russ BartlettC199700000NH High School
Chris JensenD198700000NY High School
Les BurgessC197300000OHL
Derek LangilleD198900000OHL
Kevin ReinhartD197800000OHL
Kevin HoweD197700000OHL
Kevin KempD197400000OHL
Jan SteberC200400000QMJHL
Dwight WolfeD199800000QMJHL
Richard TurmelD198100000QMJHL
Alexander ShinkarRW200000000Russia Super
Roger ElvenesC198800000SHL
Jarkko ImmonenC200200000SM-Liiga
Robb McIntyreLW199100000USHL
Peter WilliamsC197200000USports
Shaun LandoltC200300000WHL
Tomas MojzisD200100000WHL
David BrumbyG199300000WHL000

One note: Derek Laxdal is the coach of the Texas Stars who are currently locked in an exciting AHL final with the Marlies.

Round nine has actually a pretty good top two players. First, where they came from though.

The OHL has been dethroned! Twice as many players from the NCAA than from the OHL this time. More Connecticut high schoolers than QMJHL players, which, burn on you Q.

Defenders almost out do all of the other positions combined at 14 to 15. Which got us one of the most popular, short-lived Maple Leafs of all time, Danny Markov (1995). Not a superstar but such a huge personality that Leafs fans loved him from his very first game. Markov played 200 games for the Maple Leafs but isn’t the longest serving Leafs from round nine. That honour goes to Pat Boutette (1972) who played 349 games for the Leafs at centre, scoring 59 goals and 82 assists for 141 points.

The rest of the picks, are below:

Round 9

PlayerPositionDraft YearNHL GPGoalsAssistsPointsPMFromGAASV%SO
Pat BoutetteC19723495982141520NCAA
Danny MarkovD199520093645137Russia Super
Miroslav IhnacakRW198255891727Czech
Staffan KronwallD20025201121Allsvenskan
Paul EvansRW19751111221OHL
Darwin McCutcheonD198010002OHL
Mike DelayD198800000Conn High School
Brian BellefeuilleRW198600000Conn High School
Todd WhittemoreC198500000Conn High School
Robert HorynaG199000000Czech000
Jeff St. LaurentC198900000Maine High School
Pierce NortonRW200400000Mass High School
Dave PayC197300000NCAA
Peter MetcalfD199900000NCAA
Cliff AbrechtD198300000NCAA
Mike WaghorneD197800000NCAA
Garry SchofieldD197200000NCAA
Ray RobertsonD197700000NCAA
Wayne ClarkeRW199200000NCAA
Brian BladD198700000OHL
Dave SyvretD197400000OHL
Mike KnoepfliLW200100000OJHL
Jean-Philippe CoteD200000000QMJHL
Guy LehouxD199100000QMJHL
Sergei RostovG199800000Russia Tier 2000
Jonathan HedstromLW199700000SHL
Jared HopeC199600000WHL
Greg BarberD198100000WHL
Dan TurnerLW198400000WHL

Round 10 was nowhere near as successful a round as the others, with only six of 22 picks playing a game for the Leafs.

The OHL is back on top!

Defenders and wingers were the positions to pick in round ten. Speaking of wingers, the only player of consequence was Sergei Berezin (1994) who would play 357 games for the Leafs, scoring 126 goals, 94 assists, and 220 points.

Round 10

PlayerPositionDraft YearNHL GPGoalsAssistsPointsPMFromGAASV%SO
Sergei BerezinLW19943571269422034Russia Super
Paul HigginsRW198025000152Ont High School
Leigh VerstraeteRW1982801114WHL
Bobby ReynoldsLW198571120Mich High School
Marc MagnanLW198140115WHL
David SaccoC198841124Mass High School
Sergei SimonovD199200000Russia Tier 3
Sean DavidsonRW198600000OHL
Ron BernacciC198700000OHL
Paul CrowleyRW197500000OHL
Lee PalmerD197300000NCAA
Laurie CuvelierD197800000USports
Kyle FergusonRW199300000NCAA
Justin TomberlinC198900000Minn High School
Jean LatendresseD197500000QMJHL
Greg RolstonRW198300000Mich High School
Gary MillerD199100000OHL
David BuckleyD198400000NY High School
Brian RossD198300000OHL
Bob PeaceC197300000NCAA
Bob ChebatorLW199000000Mass High School
Andy StoeszG197400000MJHL000

Round 11 was a waste of time.

Nathan Dempsey was the best pick and he played 48 NHL games over eight seasons with the Maple Leafs. Wheeeee! The only other player to become a Leaf was Tim Armstrong, who played 11 games.

Round 11

PlayerPositionDraft YearNHL GPGoalsAssistsPointsPMFromGAASV%SO
Nathan DempseyD199248212148WHL
Tim ArmstrongC1985111016OHL
Norm McLeodLW197300000CJHL
Jonathan KelleyC199100000Mass High School
Doug NolanD199400000Mass High School
Scott MaloneD199000000Mass High School
Mike GregorioG198800000Mass High School000
Mikhail LapinD199300000NCAA
Mike WurstLW198400000NCAA
Jackie LaineRW197500000NCAA
Tim LovenD198200000ND High School
Mike TomlakC198300000OHL
Ken AlexanderD198700000OHL
Mike JacksonRW198900000OHL
Dan D'AlviseC197500000OJHL
Marty FeschukD197400000WHL
Mark HolickRW198600000WHL

No wait, round 12 was a waste of time.

No one picked in round 12 played a game for the Maple Leafs.

Round 12

PlayerPositionDraft YearNHL GPGoalsAssistsPointsPMFromGAASV%SO
Steve ChartrandC198900000QMJHL
Ron ChoulesLW198300000QMJHL
Peter SlaninaD198400000Czech
Peter DeBoerC198800000OHL
Nicholas VachonLW199000000Mass High School
Mitch MurphyG198500000NH High School000
Ken HollandG197500000WHL000
Jim MontgomeryC197500000QMJHL
Jim ApplebyG198200000WHL000
Gary BurnsC197500000NCAA
Chris O'RourkeD199100000NCAA
Brian HoardD198600000OHL
Bob BarnesD197500000OHL
Alex WeinrichD198700000Maine High School

Round 13 was the shortest of them all. In 1975 the Maple Leafs selected Rick Martin from the OHL’s London Knights. He wouldn’t play outside of junior hockey, but he goes down in the annals of Leafs history as the only 13th round pick the Maple Leafs have ever made.

There are all of the Maple Leafs picks from the start of the amateur draft. Was this a worthwhile exercise? Maybe. Was it fun? Kinda.

Let’s see what else I can shove into a spreadsheet.

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