Toronto Maple Leafs @ Boston Bruins
7:00 p.m. ET at the Toronto-Dominion Bank Gardens in Boston
Watch on: Sportsnet Ontario (regional broadcast)

Here's our preview of the game:

Preview: Maple Leafs vs Bruins
No team is great all the time, and the Bruins have had some less than perfect games in March as they roll up the best regular season, maybe ever. But they aren’t going to invite the Leafs over and not put on a show, so this will be a serious game.

We'll have the official lines pasted here when they are posted on Twitter by the Leafs.

A final reminder that tomorrow is a holiday. If you need groceries or to visit the LCBO, this is your last chance. Take your pick: watch the Leafs vs. Bruins, or go get stuff you need for Easter weekend. I'll let you decide which option is more rewarding.

It's a Thursday night game, but it's also the weekend! Winning this one will be HUGE. Either way, have a good one, all.