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Butcher wouldn’t but Toninato said why not

Sign with the Avs that is.

2012 NHL Entry Draft - Rounds 2-7 Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The focus of speculation today was Will Butcher. He is clearly the best of the bunch of NCAA drafted players who would not or could not sign an ELC with the club that drafted him. But it was Toronto Maple Leafs prospect Dominic Toninato who found a new home first.

Toninato is taking a risk, one that might pay off for him long term. He’s joining last year’s worst NHL team who had one of the worst AHL teams in the west. That says there’s ice time to be earned.

His only option in Toronto was an AHL deal like Martins Dzierkals took. That said there were a lot of bodies ahead of him.

Good luck, Dominic! We really never did know you very well. I hope you have fun in Colorado.