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Timothy Liljegren to attend Leafs training camp and miss start of SHL season: report

The question unanswered officially is if he will ever go back to the SHL at all.

NHL: NHL Draft David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Timothy Liljegren is a man with two teams. He is still under contract to Rögle in the SHL for one more year, and of course, he has signed his ELC with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

That state of affairs puts the decision-making power in the Leafs hands. They can loan him to Rögle for the year or keep him and play him in the NHL or AHL. So far they have only said they will decide Liljegren’s team this year after the WJSS is over, and that it will be in the AHL or in Sweden. As for the WJSS, Liljegren plays two more days in Plymouth for Team Sweden, Friday and Saturday.

Yesterday, Rögle’s official website had a report from the manager of the team. The manager has the nickname “Mask”, which means someone who gives nothing away.

Where will Timothy Liljegren play hockey this winter - it's a question Rögle’s sports director Anders "Masken" Carlsson often gets.

“Timothy is Toronto's player and they are the ones who will make the decision. We have to wait and see, the only thing we know at the moment is that Timothy will be joining Toronto’s main training camp in September, and will not be in Sweden when the SHL launches,” answers the "Masken".

Carlsson understands Lou Lamoriello, also a “Mask” type.

"We are in a good dialogue with Toronto's management. Timothy will join both the rookie camp and then their main camp and only then they will make a decision and we are very respectful,” says the "Masken".

Liljegren is expected to travel home to Sweden after this weekend tournament is over. Looking ahead, though, the Leafs training camp overlaps the opening weekend of the SHL. If the Leafs choose to have him come to camp and then return to Sweden, he won’t miss very much game time, but he will have missed some of Rögle’s camp.