So, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks.

First off, there was some absolutely fantastic hockey on display in Espoo this year, and no matter how ugly the finish, we can’t forget that.

Noora Räty was otherworldly in the gold medal game. Nana Fujimoto and Team Japan took on USA and kept it close. France came thisclose to beating Sweden two separate times and got their first ever Top level win. The Czech Republic went from technically being relegated in 2017 before the change of format saved them, to a perfect performance in the round robin. Loren Gabel made a fantastic impression in her Worlds debut, and Jamie Lee Rattray had what could be considered a breakout performance in international competition.

We also saw some excellent attendance numbers - Finland’s games had audiences of over 4,000; the gold medal game drew over 6,000, and of course, apparently half of Finland watched the gold medal game on TV.

TSN really absolutely must do something about their coverage, though. Only 14 games broadcast, which didn’t even cover all of the Group A games, with no extra games online. The commentary team for all games was Rod Black and Cheryl Pounder, who were often straight out inaccurate with some of their information, to say nothing of the frustrating, demeaning way that Black in particular described the games. With his emphasis on male relatives, dismissive comments about Group B teams and the SWHL, he’s downright patronizing, and there must be someone at TSN who could do better. He’s supposed to be the play by play person, so surely TSN has someone who can tell me who has the puck accurately and without wandering off into pointless extra narratives that are supposed to be the domain of the colour commentator anyway.

The next Worlds are here in Canada—in Halifax, Nova Scotia with group B games of the round robin in Truro. TSN has a year to get their act together and do better.

As we look to next year, there’s a whole season between then and now. The Canadian National Team players are returning home and are turning their minds to the question of where they will play next year. It will be the players themselves who determine what happens next. How quickly, how slowly, where and with whom.

Anyone who read WHW two weeks ago knows the NWHL is suggesting the “where” and “with whom” should be with them. That doesn’t seem particularly likely. I’m still skeptical of the NWHL’s claim that they’ll be able to establish teams north of the US border, and the only National Team player who’s played in the NWHL is Shannon Szabados. She freely admits it’s a question of geography more than anything else. (She likes how the Pegulas run things, but the Pegulas don’t run the league.) Team Canada were pretty invested in the success of the CWHL, and it’s a big ask to pull up sticks to move south (or, if Toronto and Montréal NWHL teams magically appear, east) to play for a league that has been very heavy handed in its approach so far—the NWHL even spent Worlds tweeting out congratulations on goals and milestones as if these players were already part of the league.

What’s the alternative? That’s the big question. Do the players have plans? Has the group of former GMs and CWHLPA representatives been presented with viable alternatives? Now that the major players are back in the country, all we can do is wait and see.


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