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Voices Grow Louder for Merger of Women’s Pro Hockey Leagues - The New York Times

Women’s hockey leagues urged to merge for good of the game | Toronto Star

This is some BS and people need to cut it out. It’s bad enough when men who think they’re imparting some sort of deep wisdom to women’s hockey fans say it, but when players say it, it doesn’t actually get any more legitimate. You know when the NHL and the WHA merged? When the WHA was falling apart.

As of right now, the CWHL and the NWHL are established professional leagues who seem to be set to play out this season in its entirety and to do it entirely separately from each other. And that’s fine.

Yes, in terms of quality of competition and wanting to play the best of the best, I’m sure all the national team players would love if there was one professional women’s hockey league in North America. It’s not that simple, and yelling about it in the international press isn’t helping things.

The CWHL is in its 11th season. It was originally formed as a stopgap measure when owners of the teams from the original NWHL decided to halt operations for one year   before they theoretically were going to regroup and revisit the financial viability of the league. The centralized funding of the North American teams is not a bug due to lack of owner interest — it’s a safeguard against any one owner packing up their support and going home.

The current NWHL was founded for two main reasons. First, Dani Rylan didn’t feel like the CWHL was moving fast enough in response to her proposal of a New York-based team in the CWHL. Second (conveniently for Rylan) many of the Boston Blades players felt that the CWHL was treating their lone American franchise as a second-class citizen and were looking for something better. Rylan offered these players a paycheque, better equipment and generally more respect.

While I don’t know the full story regarding how the Blades were (and in some ways continue to be) treated, some of what I gather seems to come down to one major factor: the Blades are across an international border from the rest of the league and thus subject to a completely different set of laws. The CWHL doesn’t seem to have been fully prepared to take that challenge on.  Perhaps if the Boston Bruins had ever shown any interest in supporting women’s hockey the way the Leafs, Habs and Flames support their sister teams, it would be a different story. (If you think Jeremy Jacobs is going to magically change his position on this for the Boston Pride...he’s not.)

With the advent of pay, the issues for the Blades have become more complicated. There’s the exchange rate between the Canadian and US dollars to consider, as well as a difference in tax laws. Frankly for the Americans on the Blades, dealing with a US-based league would at the very least be simpler. Without strong US-based support to deal with the infrastructural issues (similar to, if not necessarily on the scale of, the support the Red Star and Rays receive from their Chinese backers), the Blades may continue to be left to flounder on their own.

So that’s two major obstacles to merging the two leagues. Fundamental differences in philosophy, and an international border. I called the NWHL established because this is their third year, but they certainly haven’t proven they have the steady, continuous infrastructure and funding that the CWHL could use to support their teams after a merger. They definitely haven’t shown any signs of being capable of dealing with acquiring six foreign teams and all the red tape that would ensue.

Neither article clearly establishes that anything resembling concrete merger talks have ever happened. And if Cassie Campbell wants me to think that the CWHL’s Board of Directors and Governors do not have the power to pressure Brenda Andress to do something... pull the other one, it’s got bells on. Of course, they can direct Andress to try and do whatever they like, she can’t magically make the NWHL want to merge with the CWHL under terms that are favourable to the CWHL.

Right now, with eleven years in the game, numerous sponsors and newly expanded, it’s the CWHL who has the upper hand. The Boston Blades are even starting to rebound from the mass exodus of players in the 2015 offseason. The CWHL has no actual need to add more teams. Right now, having started to pay players, they probably don’t have the financial wherewithal to take on responsibility for four more teams even if they wanted to. And since the NWHL has been far from transparent regarding its financial situation, taking on four extra teams would be a hell of a risk.

The NHL isn’t going to step in and make this happen. They have held the trademark to “WNHL” for years and done nothing with it. If you think the NHL is going to magically become invested in women’s hockey once we’re back to one women’s hockey league... sure. Why now and not anytime before 2015? (I also think the NHL having any sort of controlling interest in the women’s leagues is a Bad Idea.)

The players do have some power in this situation and it’s in choosing where they’re going to play. The USWNT swung things in the NWHL’s favour their first year when they decided they wanted to play for a US-based organization that would pay them money.  The tide started flowing the other way this season. One of the big factors will be what the USWNT chooses to do for the 2018-19 season.

Regardless, these two leagues are not some cute projects that Andress and Rylan enjoy playing with for their own amusement, nor are the issues keeping them separate some petty clash of personalities. They are two professional hockey leagues. That they are still young enough to only possess a fraction of the red tape of the NHL does not mean that a merger would be easy, or even beneficial to all players.

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