On day 1 of the Women's World Juniors the favourites won all of their match ups, here's the standings right now (updated post-USA/RUS): CAn GF 16 - GA 2

Rank Team GP W OTW OTL L GF GA +/- Points
Group A
1 CAN 2 2 0 0 0 16 2 +14 6
2 USA 2 2 0 0 0 12 0 +12 6
3 RUS 2 0 0 0 2 2 7 -5 0
4 CZE 2 0 0 0 2 0 17 -17 0
Group B
1 SWE 2 2 0 0 0 12 1 +11 6
2 FIN 2 1 0 0 1 11 3 +8 3
3 SUI 2 1 0 0 1 3 5 -2 3
4 FRA 1 0 0 0 2 1 18 -17 0


Yesterdays recaps can be found here

All games can be streamed on hockeycanda.ca. Find your game and click "Watch Here".

Yesterday the record for all time single game attendance was set when 3,564 fans watched Canada beat Russia 5-2. Attendance has bene great for all of the games so far this tournament, and today should be even better.

Team Canada showed their support for Denna Laing last night:

Today's games:

Switzerland 2 - Finland 0
Finland comes into today's game hoping for another easy victory. Switzerland wants to prove they belong here after losing 5-1 to Sweden. Both teams start off the period strong, and keep play moving from one end to the other. Shots are few to begin with but eventually they start hitting the net. Coming out of the Finnish end there's a slight collision and Alina Muller (SUI #19) gets called for tripping.

The Swiss penalty kill keeps the Finns from getting any quality chances, after the puck gets knocked out of the Swiss end Captain Kaleigh Quennec (SUI #18) gets into the Finnish zone, two defenders knock the puck away, but she gets it back and shoots over the net. There's no scoring on this power play.

In the Swiss end Kiia Nousiainen (FIN #20) gets a chance off a turnover but Vanessa Bolinger (SUI #1) makes the save. Jenniina Nylund (FIN #16) gets called for an illegal hit and the Swiss get two minutes of 5 on 4. The Swiss PP isn't very organized but they are attacking hard at the Finnish net, but the Finns PK unit shines and keeps any goals from being scored.

Another penalty is called, Lisa Ruedi (SUI #11) for tripping, and the Finns are back on the PP. Not a lot happens for them, but Muller gets it out of the Swiss end and, drives hard to the Finnish net, tries a back hand shot on Johanna Oksman's (FIN #1) glove side but is denied a goal.

First period ends. Score Finland 0 – Switzerland 0. Shots 8-7 Finland.

The second period opens with more back and forth play. The speed seems to have slowed down a touch from the first period. We only see three shots total in the first six minutes (SUI – 2 FIN – 1). They are playing hard though, and Switzerland is feeling the pressure of losing their first game. Noemi Rhyner (SUI #14) is tripping exiting the Finnish zone, and with no call I could hear here yelling at the linesmen from my spot above the ice. There's a pile up around the Finnish goal and Rhyner is upset there's no goal, angrily swinging her stick up to hit the ice, but reconsiders.

Both teams are playing hard and desperate. There's a feeling of "first goal wins" in the game and the Swiss are taking control. Rahel Enzler (SUI #22) comes into the Finnish zone with two Finns in her way, but she's able to get a pass in front of the net that's received by Swiss captain Quennec and is tapped in for the first goal of the game.

There's a fight on the boards for the puck behind the Swiss net and Janine Hauser (SUI #26) is called for an illegal hit after cross checking one of the Finns into the boards during the scrum. On the power play Linnea Melotindos (FIN #15) comes hard into the Swiss end and is tripped by Shannon Sigrist (SUI #9), Melotindos ends up crashing into Swiss goalie Bolinger as a result. Sigrist gets called for the trip and Finland is given a 5 on 3 power play.

The Swiss do an excellent job keeping the Finnish power play from getting an open shooting lane. A pass is intercepted and shot into the Finnish zone as the first Swiss penalty expires.

Second period ends. Score is 1-0 Switzerland. Shots are 13-12 Finland.

The third sees Switzerland take a more defensive stance than they've had throughout the game. The game is also becoming more physical with trips, hits on the boards, and stick work not being called. Nousiainen and Camilia Reinikainen (FIN #21) collide in the Finnish zone. Switzerland tries to capitalize on it but can't get the shot off.

Alina Muller (SUI #19) gets called for cross checking and we get to watch the Swiss penalty kill in action again. They keep the Finns from getting any decent chances, and as the penalty expires Muller is fed a pass and she skates into the Finnish end alone, slips the puck under Johanna Oksmann (FIN #1) for Swiss goal #2.

As the clock winds down the Swiss are doing an excellent job of keeping possession so Finland can't pull the goalie. She looks to move out a few times but can't leave her crease. Finally at 55 seconds left she goes to the bench, but the Finns don't get any shots on net.

Final Score: Switzerland 2 – Finland 0. Shots are 23-17 Finland.

Players of the game:
Finland #15 Linnea Melotindos
Switzerland: #19 Alina Muller

The Swiss are probably the most enthusiastic team at the tournament. Before each period the entire team is banging away on the boards with their sticks, they all kick the boards to celebrate saves. After each save the Swiss goalie is surrounded by the skaters and congratulated. After the game the players screamed with joy and hugged and jumped at each other. They congregated at the boards where there was a large contingent of Swiss fans to thank them for support and skated off the ice cheering and whooping with joy.

Sweden 7 - France 0

France will find itself in the relegation round on Thursday after falling to Sweden 7-0. France was able to double their shot totals to 13 this game, but the Swedish offence was still too powerful for them overall with 49 shots. Swedish forward Kasja Armborg scored less than a minute into the game to set the tone.
1st Period
Kajsa Armborg - 1-0 SWE
Celine Tedenby - 2-0 SWE

2nd Period
Emma Muren - 3-0 SWE
Sara Hjarlmarsson - 4-0 SWE
Sofie Lundin - 5-0 SWE

3rd Period
Emma Muren (2) - 6-0 SWE
Wilma Johansson - 7-0 SWE

USA 6 - Russia 0

The Americans look to make their record 2-0 before their match up vs Canada on Monday night. Russia looks to continue playing tight hockey against a top seed and erase their current -3 goal differential. The period overall plays out slower than either team was last night. Right off the bat Russia comes into the USA zone, there's an attempt to score but the Russian gets tied up with Taylor Wente (USA #16) and they slide into American goalie Alex Glustene (#29). There's a time out while a review is done to find out if the puck crossed the goal line before the whistle blew. The review makes the play stand. No goal.

Russian Captain Fanuza Kadirova (#17) takes advantage of a puck that hops over an American defenders stick and speeds into the American end, but an American D catches up and keeps her from getting a shot off.

Sydney Brodt (USA #11) and Alex Woken (USA #20) skate into the Russian end with one D defending both. Brodt gets a pass to Woken but Valeria Tarakanova (RUS #1) makes the save.

The Americans are taking control of the game, lots of pressure in front of the Russian net. In the chaos Grace Zumwinkle (USA #18) gets called for hooking. Russia spends a good amount of the time in the Americans end but can't score on the power play.

First period ends tied 0-0. Shots are 12-4 for USA.

The second period begins slower than the first, with both teams going back and forth, but we eventually settle into the Russian end. Kadirova pokes the puck away from an American defender at her blue line but loses her stick in the process. No problem, she dribbles the puck down the ice like a soccer ball, but loses balance wen she goes to kick it away at the American face off dot.

The Americans take the puck after that and skate into the Russian end and score. 1-0 USA.

Back into the Russian end by they get the puck out and Kadirova is cherry picking at centre ice but she misses the pass for the break away.

Taylor Heise (USA #23) and Yekaterina Likhachyova (RUS#19) get tied up at the Russian blueline and Likhachyova is called for an illegal check. The Americans are doing great passes and stick work on the power play but the Russians are closing the shooting lanes and blocking shots to keep the US from scoring.

USA Scores when 2 USA forwards and 2 Russian forwards are tied up in front of the net, but the puck slips out from under their feet, right to Rebecca Gilmore (USA #24) who taps it into the net. USA 3-0.

Less than a minute later Sydney Brodt brings the puck into the Russian end, shoots, catches her own rebound and buries it. 4-0 USA.

Daria Seredina (RUS #9) is called for roughing giving the Americans a power play with 30 seconds left in the period. We see a beautiful display of passing as Cayla Barnes (USA #7) sends the puck to Madeline Wethington (USA #4) who gives it to Woken as they rush into the Russian end, but they're stopped by Tarakanova who makes the glove save.

Second period ends 4-0 USA. Shots are 31-8.

The third period starts with both teams trading possession, Darya Beloglazova (RUS #18) makes a nice drop pass to Kadirova who shoots, but the puck skims the top of the cross bar. Daria Teryoshinka (RUS #14) is called for tripping and the Americans head for another power play. Woken takes advantage of this and on the PP she shoots from the top of the face off circle and makes it 5-0 USA.

USA scores minutes later to make it 6-0. Natalie Snodgrass (USA #10) passes to Woken who puts it past Tarakanova to make it 6-0.

With 12 minutes to go Viktoria Kulishova (RUS #10) gets a ten minute major for body checking, and two minutes for checking from behind. USA Gets a 2 minute power play, but not many chances as they don't score.

As the Americans hold control, a new twist develops. Someone lost a glove.

Polina Bolgareva gets the Russians last good chance for a goal, but she shoots it right into Alex Gulstenes (USA #29) pads. The Americans lock things down after this until the end of the game.

Final score: USA 6 – Russia 0. Shots 46-11 USA.

Players of the Game:
Russia - #13 Nina Pirogova
USA - #20 Alex Woken

USA plays next Monday night at 7:30PM vs Canada. Russia plays the Czech Republic at 4PM on Monday.

Canada 11 - Czech Republic 0

Canada comes into this game vs the Czech Republic needed to win its last two games to take first place in their group. The Czechs want a win to stay ahead of Russia in the standings, and try to get a bye to the semi-finals. The Czechs start #29 Denisa Jandova in net tonight, after Katernina Zechovska let in 6 goals last night and was involved in a lot of rough play.

Canada goes right into the Czech zone after the face off, and the Czechs head right back into the Canadian end. We got from behind one net to another within the first 20 seconds. A Czech forward takes a shot from the blue line, a defender tries to block it but it rolls over her blade and Edith Astous-Moreau (CAN G #30) scrambles to catch it.

Kristin O'Neill (CAN #10) takes an interference penalty, but the PK prevents any Czech shots from going through. Daryl Watts skates into the Czech zone with some fancy stick work, there were no D around her but she shoot right into Jandova's feet. Annie Berg (CAN #23) is called for interference and the Czechs get another power play.

While shorthanded Celine Frappier (CAN #21) and O'Neill come into the Czech zone on a 2 on 1. O'Neill can't shoot as she's taken out by a Czech defender. The Czechs don't score on the power play.

The period is a little slow, lots of movement but nothing of much substance. Nearing the end of the period, however, Canada seems to find an energy source and tap into it, Amy Potomak comes screaming into the Czech zone, jumps over the defenders stick, and shoots, but the puck is blocked by Jandova.

Kristyna Patkova is given two minutes for high sticking, and Canada gets some chances, though the PP needs work before they play the USA whose PK isn't anything to sneeze at. Amy Potomak gets a clean shot at net but hits Jandova in the logo. Canada finally scores with one second left on the power play. Captain Lindsay Agnew (CAN #19) is fed a pass from O'Neill and puts it in the net.

Canada comes into the Czech zone hard a minute later and a forward gets tied up with Patkova who slides into the boards. As she's down on the ice Sheridan Oswald (CAN #12) scores. The Czechs have some complaints about the non-call just before Canada scores. The Captains confer with the ref, an nothing comes of it, but the Czech coach is yelling at the ref from across the ice.

With three seconds to go in the first period Potomak finally gets the puck in the net after taking a hard shot at Jandova.

First period ends. Score is 3-0 Canada. Shots are 12-4 Canada

Canada keeps the energy that they ended the first with by scoring two goals in the first 20 seconds of the period.

Czech goalie Katerina Zechovska (#30) puts on her gear in the tunnel beside the Czech bench. Czech defenders are grouping with Jandova after each stoppage, and they are playing harder to support her. Jandova takes a shot right to the mask, in the jaw area but she keeps hold of the puck.

5 minutes after Canada's flurry of goalies they score #6. The Czechs make the change in goalies.

The Czechs take a holding penalty and Canada goes to the power play. In the Czech end a bounce off the back boards goes into the Czech net. Canada thinks they've scored but there's an immediate review of the play.

It's determined that the puck was kicked into the net and the goal is waved off.

Tereza Topolska (CZE #28) comes in on a break away but Astous-Moreau makes the save and hangs onto the puck (watch here). Canadian defenders are taking their time getting onto the bench after sharing words with some Czechs. The Ref gives each bench a talking to and we're back in action.

Canada doesn't waste much time, and scores the seventh goal for the second time. This time it sticks.

Local player Annie Berg scores the eight goal of the tournament after a slick pass from, in front of family and friends.

Sophie Shirley gets a nice pass, stick handles it to Zechovska, flicks it up at the last second, bu Zechovska falls onto the puck to make the save. Patkova comes into the Canadian end along the boards, but defense forces her to take the shot from there and an easy save is made.

As we enter the final minute of play, Canadian Captain Lindsay Agnew comes into the Czech zone with a defender nipping at her heels. The D falls trying to stop her but Agnew roofs the puck to make it 9-0.

Ashton Bell (CAN #26) comes in off the face off and makes a pass to Kristin O'Neill who scores high glove side to make it 10-0.

Second period ends with the score 10-0 for Canada. Shots are 30-7 for Canada.

The first couple minutes of the third period have less goals than the second opened with, but most of it is spent in the Czech end. The Czechs make it into Canada's end but not much happens. Not much happens at all until 5 min in when Watts trips over the puck heading out of the Canadian end.

Debora Bartosova (CZE #3) hits Maltias into the boards and is given two minutes of the hit. Watch Here. Canada fails to score but is taking more time with passing and picking shots.

Malia Schneider takes the puck into the Czech end and scores high glove side, 11-0 Canada.

Jayln Elmes (CAN #28) takes a penalty, but most of the time is spent in the Czech end. When it gets to the Canadian end, a Czech player goes down behind the boards. Takes time getting up and is helped off the ice by a trainer and a teammate.

Coming out of the Canadian end Watts and Patkova collide. Watts' shoulder looks to make contact with Patkovas' head. Watts gets 2 minutes. The Czechs have some good power play time, get some shots and collect the rebounds but nothing goes in.

Zuzana Martinu is given two minutes with 35 seconds left on Watts' penalty, so we have 4 on 4. This mean we're back in the Czech zone, and while there Saroya Tinker (CAN #7) takes a shot that knock Agnew off her feet. She flips over when it hits her foot, but looks OK. Canada then gets a shot off the post, it's close, the goal horn sounds but the ref is already waving it off, no whistle was blow and play continued.

Canada gets a 2 min bench minor with 45 seconds in Martinu's penalty so it's back to 4 on 4. Barbora Patockova comes in alone to the Canadian end to try and ruin the shut out, but her shot goes high into the glass.

Final Score: Canada 11 – Czech Republic 0. Shots are 44-13 for Canada.

Players of the game:
Czech: Tereza Topolska
Canada: Lindsay Agnew

There are no games tomorrow, teams have a day off. Canada will be back in action Monday night versus the USA, at 7:30PM. The Czechs play the Russians before that game at 4PM.

How do they make it into the WWJ's?

Happening this week is Division 1 Qualifying. The team who wins the tournament will be placed in Division 1 for Women under 18, and will play in 2017 for the chance to be moved to the main group. This years tournament is being played in Austria.

The Winners of Group A and B play each other and the winner is promoted to Division 1.

Division 1 is played as a round robin with the winner chosen by who has the most points at the end. The Division 1 tournament starts January 11th in Hungary. This year Division 1 is made up of: (*Played in main group before)

Japan* (Relegated last year)

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