It’s game 43 for the Toronto Maple Leafs and we get the debut of the newest netminder!

Dave Rittich, acquired at the trade deadline from the Calgary Flames, flew to Toronto with his former team as he will make his first start for the team against the very players he played with all season.

Katya wrote up a full preview earlier today, and now I’m here with your post for the live chat.

Maple Leafs face the Flames one last time

We know Rittich starts, coach Keefe confirmed it. What we don’t know yet are any other changes.

I hope all four of the taxi squad members get some ice time, because why not? The Leafs have a six point lead over the Jets* for first in the division and it’s a back to back. Let them play!

If you’ve forgotten it was a 7:30 start and have some time to kill, here’s some reading for you:

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The game is on Sportsnet tonight, so tune in and give a loud GO LEAFS GO.