Not the news any of us wanted to read over our coffee this morning, but as mentioned in the European Report yesterday, Carl Grundström was hurt in a game last week. Now there’s some details on his prognosis.

According to his coach, Roger Rönnberg, he has to have knee surgery.  Rönnberg had originally called the injury unusual, and has never quite explained that. Now he is passing on, it seems, what the doctors have told him:

"It's not good, he's going to work this week. It's a meniscus injury and after the surgery we will get an answer as to how long the rehabilitation will be, says Frölunda's coach Roger Rönnberg.

In the worst case, the season is over.

“At worst, it may be, at best he'll be back before Christmas. So there is very wide spectrum,” says Rönnberg.

The original report misspells meniskskada, or injury to the meniscus of the knee, but I’m pretty confident that’s what they meant to say.

I’m speculating, but this sounds like a knee scoping operation, and the return from that can vary very wildly, so the “Christmas or next year” time frame is understandable.

What most Leafs fans want, of course, is to see Grundström back on the Marlies after the Swedish season is over, and that’s still very possible, and depends as much on where Frölunda finishes and how deep they go as it does Grundström.  Andreas Johnsson made his Marlies debut after winning the championship with the team two years ago, but that might not be the wisest thing for Grundström if he is able to come back by the spring.

We’ll update you when we hear anything about him getting back on the ice.