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Opinion essays on the burning issues of the day.

HNIC says the Maple Leafs want to make some asset value trades

Not the same asset value trades they wanted to make a few weeks ago. These are all new offers.

Wheel of Discipline lands on Robby Fabbri

This is what you all expected, I’m sure.

Our Rotting Sport

Some things we’ve learned about hockey.

How easy will it be to fix the Maple Leafs?

My secret thoughts on the New, Improved Toronto Maple Leafs

PPP Roundtable: Sheldon Keefe edition

It seems like we just aired out our thoughts about a day ago. Here we are again.

PPP Roundtable: Sober reflections on the state of the Maple Leafs

We convened the Senate for sober second thoughts on the Maple Leafs, their season, and their recent play.

Slicing open the Maple Leafs with Occam’s Razor

Looking for the simplest possible explanation for the results so far this season.

Jason Spezza was scratched: my column

Brooks Laich, Pavel Datsyuk and the horrors of ageing.

The annual PPPredictions post

We put our thinking caps on and tried to predict the future.

Game Review: Is NHL 20 fun to play?

I have half an hour to play, at night. I don’t care about shooting mechanics or other doo-dads

Blow away the smoke, and Mitch Marner’s choice is simple

This contract mess isn’t nearly as messy as we’ve been thinking.

It’s good to be broke on July 1

Frankly, it’s good to be broke all the time in the NHL.

The Stanley Cup Final should be one damn game

I dare to mess with tradition and change the Stanley Cup Final in to one exciting, suspenseful, all or nothing hockey game.

The NHL rules are broken and it’s ruining hockey

It isn’t the refs fault for the NHL’s series of incompetent screw ups

Wait, there’s other teams playing than just Boston and Toronto?

We finally noticed there’s a whole bunch of playoff series, so we quickly became experts on the entire NHL and made some predictions.

A cynic’s guide to the NHL Awards

It’s showbiz, baby.

Kyle Dubas is not your Mary Sue

And Mike Babcock is not the moustache twirling villain who disrespects Kyle and his process.

Lies, Damn Lies and Data Viz on TV

The NHL is trying to modernize how it collects and presents statistics, but they’re adopting technology the rest of us already find obsolete.

Cassie Campbell-Pascall is the first woman to serve on the HHOF selection committee

But I’m not applauding this groundbreaking appointment.

Do you give to Pro Sports Charities like MLSE Foundation?

All Canadian NHL teams have charitable foundations associated with them. One organization that rates charities has advised against giving them your money, so I looked into their ranking system.

Randy Carlyle thought hot brains caused concussions; what if cooling the brain works as treatment?

Remember when Randy Carlyle caused a stir with his theories on concussions? A new treatment seems to draw from the same well, but could it really help players recover?

PPP’s season predictions for the NHL

Where will the Leafs finish? How many awards will they win?
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