Toronto Marlies
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The Marlies split their weekend series against the Moose

The Manitoba Moose welcomed the Marlies back to Toronto for two games.

FTB: The Toronto Marlies had a great road trip

The Maple Leafs are heading to Sweden while the Marlies are returning from an epic road trip.

Marlies split weekend games against the Checkers

Like last weekend, the Marlies lost on Saturday and then won on Sunday, but this time they were playing against the same team, the Charlotte Checkers.

FTB: Toronto Marlies turn it around with convincing win

The Marlies turn it around while the Leafs await Connor Bedard.
Women's Hockey
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PWHL Training Camp Begins

Training camp rosters, signing tracker and all the details you need for this phase of the first PWHL season.

FTB: USA beats Canada in offseason tournament

This is the first time we've seen the stars of the PWHL on the ice since the league was launched.

PWHL: Toronto's training camp roster announced

Let's go camping!

Toronto's Picks in 1st PWHL Draft

Learn about Toronto's PWHL picks here.
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