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PPP's speculation about roster moves, lineups, trades and who we'd like the Maple Leafs to sign.

A Quick and Dirty Survey of Western Conference Right-Shooting Defencemen

Part II of our scan of potential trade acquisitions.

A Quick and Dirty Survey of Eastern Conference Right-Shooting Defencemen

Let’s look quickly at the East’s Top 4 RHD we might trade for.

The Toronto Maple Leafs should trade for Max Pacioretty

The Montreal Canadiens captain is on the trade block. Would they move him to Toronto?

Would the Leafs send Timothy Liljegren back to the SHL’s worst team?

It might be early in the season, but Rögle’s poor start suggests Liljegren is not going back there.

Will Butcher fit with the Toronto Maple Leafs?

The Hobey Baker-winning Denver grad is heading for free agency.

What would the Team North America Under 23 roster look like today?

Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews will join forces once again on this hypothetical roster

The Leafs need to move out at least one player: who is it to be?

It seems obvious, but there’s a lot of options to consider.

It’s fantasy lineup time!

All the options are open, and you can imagine any Leafs lineup you like.

Who should be the Toronto Maple Leafs backup goaltender?

Promote from within or an outside hire?

Thursday free agent rumours, and is Jordan the Weal deal?

This is the best time of the year for rumour mongers and speculators. Let’s play too.

5 UFAs not named Kevin that are worth a look

This year’s UFA group is not going to get you a big star, but stars aren’t what you should be looking for. Bargains are.

Put down the defenceman brochure and look at some centres

There is still a real and genuine need for at least one centre on this team.

NHL Trade rumors: Are the Toronto Maple Leafs trading for Colin Miller?

Vegas could be the middleman to nab a defenseman from the Bruins for the Leafs.

Who will be the 2017 Hockey Hall of Fame inductees?

There are lots of great people who deserve to get in this year.

Is there a reason to talk buyout and Joffrey Lupul?

With the buyout window opening, it’s time to look at the Joffrey Lupul contract one last time.

Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Target: Sami Vatanen

Is the mobile Ducks defender the missing piece for Toronto?

Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Target: Chris Tanev

A look at the oft-discussed Canucks’ defender, and whether the Leafs can acquire him.

Elliotte Friedman said the magic words: Toronto and Kovalchuk

Is he or isn’t he? That’s always the question with Ilya Kovalchuk.

The Leafs have too many wingers

The solution to the unbalanced depth chart seems obvious: trade an extra right winger. But who do you give up?

Vegas Golden Knights send a message with Vadim Shipachyov signing

They want real players who can compete at the top level in the NHL. So naturally my mind turns to Joffrey Lupul.

Should the Leafs try to sign Kevin Shattenkirk?

A debate on the marquee free agent of 2017.

2017 NHL Draft Target: Is Erik Brannstrom the defenceman the Leafs need?

Swedish defenceman Erik Brannstrom should be available at #17 or 18, and he carries a ton of offensive upside.

No Olympics for you; not unless you play in Europe, that is

Or is there another way a star UFA might get himself a ticket to Pyeongchang?
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