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He/Him. PPP since 2017 while he majored in physics. Now a high school teacher. Also at Raw Charge. My sports heroes: Lewis Hamilton, Mats Sundin, Thierry Henry, Jarome Iginla, Serena, Fed, and Wick.

Friday FTB: Dubas trades Nylander to Blue Jackets

The inevitable Nylander trade has happened.

Saturday FTB: PWHL Toronto has full seats and clean sheets

Kristen Campbell posted a 30-save shutout as PWHL Toronto sold out Scotiabank Arena on Friday night for the Battle on Bay St against PWHL Montreal.

Thursday FTB: Spoon full of hats

Always feels good to beat Boston.

Recap: Three Much McMann

The headline doesn't need a preamble, Bobby McMann he scored a hat trick as the Leafs beat the St. Louis Blues 4-1! McMann was initially going to get scratched for Ryan Reaves, but with the illnesses to Marner and Tavares, he and Steeves got the chance to play.

Saturday FTB: Blayre Turns the ta-bulls

There was tonnes of news in the hockey world yesterday, but let's start with Jack Hughes getting stepped over by Blayre Turnbull at the NHL All-Star runway. According to my mom, when I was trying to take a picture with Blayre Turnbull, Jack Hughes thought I was trying

Wednesday FTB: how would you lie to your boss?

Five NHLers are set to be charged in the 2018 Hockey Canada sexual assault case.

Saturday FTB: Soups and Spoons

PWHL Toronto wins their first home game in delicious fashion.

Thursday FTB: Poulin smashes Heise, Robertson stands out

The stars clashed in the PWHL last night – literally.

Tuesday FTB: Kabby's Monday commute with his Stanley Cup

My favourite Leaf, Tomas Kaberle, brought the Stanley Cup to Davisville Station yesterday ahead of the NHL All-Star game. TTC riders get a glimpse of Stanley Cup ahead of NHL All-Star Game in TorontoSome Torontonians got a surprise glimpse at hockey’s holy grail during their morning commute on the

Saturday FTB: all the prospect points

The prospects were having a frenzy on Friday night. Ovchinnikov, Cowan, Minten, Chadwick, Malinoski, Miller, Moldenhauer, and Lisowsky all had points. Cowan and Miller both had shorties. #LeafsForever prospect Nikita Grebyonkin takes the puck off the boards and goes right to the net with it, scoring on his own rebound.

Recap: Cowboy hats fly for Matthews in Calgary

Auston Matthews and a short bench can do wonders.

Thursday FTB: PWHL Toronto update 5 games in

Their record is 1-0-4-0, but does that tell the whole story?

Milestone night for Matthews, game given away by turnovers

Too many pucks handed on a platter

Thursday FTB: Hildeby and Steeves named AHL All Stars

Toronto lose to Minnesota on Wednesday.

Thursday FTB: despite everything, things are going well!

The PWHL product couldn't be better so far

Recap: Auston Matthews scores 30th in arid win over Anaheim

Forget about the journey, the destination has 2 points and a flight out of Anaheim.

PWHL Toronto Recap: kicking off a new era of hockey

Don't worry, it's only the beginning.

Leafs flaws add up to difficult overtime loss to Blue Jackets

I am now 2-7 on recaps this season. So sorry.

Saturday FTB: former Leaf dunks on Habs

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!

Recap: All Time Buffa-low?

This recap got dark.

Wednesday FTB: recalling a time before 2020

Kids these days have no respect for the past!

Friday FTB: Ryan Reaves "will be out for a while"

Toronto's PWHL team sold out all home games before a puck was dropped.

Five goal comeback in the third, Leafs lose in overtime

Leafs got the fans their money's worth, but didn't secure the bag.
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