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He/Him. PPP since 2017 while he majored in physics. Now a high school teacher. Also at Raw Charge. My sports heroes: Lewis Hamilton, Mats Sundin, Thierry Henry, Jarome Iginla, Serena, Fed, and Wick.

Recap: Leafs can't spoil home opener for Cats

Lots of good mixed with lots of bad.

Thursday FTB: Maple Leaf Gardens first home for PWHL in Toronto

Where all six PWHL are expected to play this season and why Toronto and Montreal stand out.

Wednesday FTB: Crisis in Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Jets hockey club saw their worst attendance since moving from Atlanta back in 2011.

PWHL: Toronto's training camp roster announced

Let's go camping!

Sunday FTB: turns out scoring goals is fun

The Leafs have scored 12 goals over two games to start the season.

Thursday FTB: waivers and claimers

The Leafs, who beat Montreal last night in the season opener, have been/are a very good team. By virtue of that, they've shopped through the waivers bin a lot less than teams at the bottom. The simple math there is it's harder to make the

Wednesday FTB: playoff success from division winners

Dom projects the Leafs to win the Atlantic Division.

Who's left at Leafs Training Camp

Some have been asking, here are the answers.

Who on the Leafs needs waivers?

Math says there is only one job up for grabs.

Monday FTB: could Minten make the roster?

Will Tree break up Matty and Minty?

Preseason Game #4: the first Leafs vs Habs

The first of three in a row.

FTB: Montréal Weekend Starts Tonight

The Leafs kick-off back to back games against the Habs tonight.

Preseason Game 2: Ottawa Senators @ Toronto Maple Leafs

Game two of preseason happens tonight

Saturday FTB: Preseason is almost here, I swear

It's that time of the year again... Almost.

Toronto Maple Leafs Training Camp Roster 2023

The Leafs have announced their training camp roster.

Wednesday FTB: Martin Jones has a new mask, do you like it?

Potential Leafs backup goalie (I think odds-on favourite), Martin Jones, unveiled his historical Maple Leafs mask yesterday. He included the "easily identifiable iconic looks of Ed Belfour, Curtis Joseph, Felix Potvin, Doug Favell, Mike Palmateer, Wayne Thomas and Michel “Bunny” Laroque, as well as the old school white fiberglass

Who's on the PWHL Draft Eligibility List?

Who might Toronto pick 2nd overall?

Thursday FTB: Matthew Knies childhood idol just retired

Baby Leafs go to Traverse City.

PWHL Free Agency: where do we stand?

Six wingers, five centres, four defenders, and three goalies have signed.

Friday FTB: and the top Under 25 is...

Catching up on the T25, the PWHL, and some Leafs prospects.

PWHL Toronto to hire Troy Ryan as head coach - report

Toronto GM Gina Kingsbury is expected to hire the head coach of the Canadian Women's National Team, Troy Ryan, to be her franchise's first head coach. Kingsbury and Ryan have worked together since 2018 when Kingsbury was the president of hockey ops for Team Canada and

Potential goalies for Toronto's PWHL team

Toronto needs a goalie.

Wednesday FTB: we want hockey, not heatwaves

We start with the PWHL, where it's being reported that the Toronto team have signed Sarah Nurse, Blayre Turnbull, and Renata Fast to be their first three players. The next question is, who will be the goalie?
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